Online Meeting (Zoom)

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool used by both staff and students at CSU to engage with their learning and one another.

The information below is to assist users of this software.

1. First-time users of Zoom

Zoom meetings will have the ‘Waiting Room’ enabled. If you log into Zoom with your CSU user_id and password you will immediately enter the meeting. If you log into Zoom as a Guest (ie not using your CSU user_id and password) you will not be able to progress beyond the waiting room until a meeting host / co host admits you to the meeting.

2. Accessing the CSU Zoom Portal

Zoom ( is available to CSU staff and students, requiring they log in with the CSU username and password via a single sign on (SSO) prompt. Zoom meetings can be scheduled in advance (ongoing use of the same link) or launched directly from the portal.

Zoom Portal

3. Mobile device users

You are also able to join Zoom meetings, by downloading the Zoom App (free via your device App Store). You will need the meeting ID number to join via the app and connect via the SSO option (requires CSU username and password).

4. Support

  • Technical Support for this product is available via the CSU Division of Information Technology IT Services Support Page.
  • Teaching Staff requiring assistance using Zoom in their teaching should log a Division of Learning & Teaching Service Request (SRS).