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Discussions in Interact2 resemble an electronic bulletin board, where users post their messages when they have time.

Discussions can serve a range of purposes:

  • An online meeting place for social interaction among peers;
  • An additional medium for collaboration and the exchange of ideas;
  • A medium to pose questions about assessments, readings, and subject content;
  • A record of discussion that members can review at a later point;
  • A graded activity that demonstrates understanding or application of subject content.

In the Discussion Board, a forum is a general topic for discussion. A thread is subordinate discussion within the forum.

It is recommended the discussion forum contains forums for specific purposes eg introductions, assessment, topic questions or general questions, to make it easy for students to find information and ask questions.

Discussion board page

Create a Forum

1. On the main discussion board page click 'Create Forum'

2. On the Create Forum page add a name to describe the forum.

3. Add a description or forum instructions.

4. Set the availability option to Yes.

5. Select appropriate forum settings.

6. Click 'Submit'

For more information view Create a Forum in Blackboard

Edit an existing Forum

1. Click on the down arrow and select Edit from the drop down menu.

2. Change name, description and options as required.

Creating Discussion Board Threads

1 Access the forum by clicking on the forum name

discussion board

2. Click on 'Create Thread'.


3. Enter a Subject name, a Message and attach files if required.

4. Save to Draft or click Submit.

Subscribe to a Forum


1 Access the forum by clicking on the forum name.

2. Click on SUBSCRIBE.

If you subscribe to the forum you will receive an email notification when posts are made.

If you want to stop email notifications for the discussion thread, select UNSUBSCRIBE.