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There are various paths an Outline can take through to publication.

Main Workflow

Most Outlines will pass through five (5) main statuses.

Clone QA Exemption

A cloned Outline is exempt from QA if it has been cloned from a QA approved Outline of the same subject code and session; and has not been edited since it was cloned. The SOT will determine whether this criteria has been met once the Author clicks ‘Submit for QA’.

Revision Required

An Outline may be sent back from QA for revision one or multiple times.

Pre-approved QA

An Outline can be published by the Author if the QAO pre-approves revisions.


Published Outlines may need to be varied. Policy requires the Head of School (HOS) to QA varied Outlines unless the variation is exempt from QA. The HOS can returned the Outline to Authors for revision with/without pre-approved QA.

Variation QA Exemption

Variations may be exempt from QA if only certain sections are edited. The Author can submit the Outline for re-publication.

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