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Once a session is loaded into the SOT, offerings will be listed in a Dashboard when the session is selected in the Session Filter. The Head of School (HOS), as per Human Resources records, will see offerings taught by their School in their Tracking Dashboard.

Any staff assigned to the Support HOS role for the School will also see the School’s offerings and have the same permissions as the HOS. The HOS/Support HOS can add staff into the Support HOS role via the Manage Support HOS option in the Home left hand menu.

Once an Outline is created, the HOS/Support HOS can preview the Outline by clicking the Subject Offering hyperlink.

The status tiles displayed across the top of the Tracking dashboard provide an overview of the School’s progress and can be clicked to filter by status. Click again to remove the status filter.

Staff who are HOS/Support HOS for more than one School must select the School/s they wish to see in their list and status tiles.

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