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Quality Assuring

Once a session is loaded into the SOT, offerings will be listed in a Dashboard when the session is selected in the Session Filter. The Quality Assurance Officer/s (QAO) assigned to the offering in ACSES will see the offering in their Quality Assuring Dashboard.

Once an Outline is created, QAOs can preview the Outline by clicking the Subject Offering hyperlink. When an Author submits the Outline for QA, it obtains a status of ‘Awaiting QA’ and an action of ‘QA’ becomes available to QAOs. Note that in the QA Outline screen, QAOs with edit permissions will see all available sections so the Outline can be quality assured in the context of the whole template. Grey italicised placeholder text indicates that the Author has left the optional section null.

The status tiles displayed across the top of all Dashboards provide an overview of the QAO’s Outline progress through the Outline workflow and can be clicked to filter by status. Click again to remove the status filter.

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