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More than just waterQuality not just quantity

Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson and Dr Lee Baumgartner, together with Professor Peter Gell from Federation University, Ballarat, have written an Opinion Piece in The Conversation titled "More than just extra water needed". They say that while they broadly agree with the group's report, it is a mistake to focus on water volume alone." Without giving equal attention to improving water quality and building critical ecological infrastructure, it's possible that increasing river flows could actually harm the Basin. The piece has generated lots of comments.

Fowl Play ILWS research finds new resident

Fowl playILWS PhD candidate Liz Znidersic recently visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study secretive bird species on the Oak Ridge Reservation with wildlife coordinator Kelly Roy. By using video and audio equipment, she found a new resident on the reservation -- a Purple Gallinule.

Magpies and Raptors help out in vineyards

magpies in vineyardsNew Scientist has picked up on research by ILWS PhD candidate  Rebecca Peisley and her colleagues, that suggests a cheap, easy, environmentally friendly alternative that halves bird damage to grapes.

Preventing freshwater turtle extinction

TurtlesNew ILWS member James Van Dyke discusses options including controvertial headstarting  as a means to prevent the extinction of Australia's most widespread freshwater turtle, Chelodina longicollis, to increasing adult road mortality and reduced recruitment through nest predation from introduced foxes.