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Carmen and Ben 

Murrumbidgee LTIM team ecstatic to find southern bell frogs successfully breeding after environmental watering

This threatened frog species is breeding for the first time in more than 40 years in the mid-Murrumbidgee wetlands. These results are some of the great news for the Murrumbidgee Long-Term Intervention Monitoring (LTIM) Project, lead by ILWS ecologist Dr Sky Wassens, which is examining the ecological outcomes of Commonwealth environmental watering.

Vaughan HigginsPrivate agri-food governance and greenhouse gas abatement: Constructing a corporate carbon economy by A/prof Vaughan Higgins appears in Geoforum, 66.

Buddhi PoudelPastoralist disturbance effects on Himalayan marmot foraging and vigilance activity   PhD Candidate Buddhi Poudel looks at the influence high pastoral activity has on the Himalayan marmot population.

Dr Manu SaundersPollinators! Not Just the Bees:the buzz on our other vital insect helpers in the Conversation by Dr Manu Saunders et al suggests there is a lot we don't know about pollinators in Australia.

Dr Johanna Fawkes Performance and Persona: Goffman and Jung's approaches to professional identity applied to public relations. Public Relations Review, a new paper by Dr Johanna Fawkes

Manohar PawarPost-disaster social reconstruction and social development The social development approach may facilitate better planning and preparation for reconstruction argues Prof Manohar Pawar.