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Charles Sturt University

Reusing Section Content

You are able to search for an Outline, preview the Outline and select to add its section content to your Outline

  1. Click on the double-page icon (highlighted yellow in screenshot below) on editable sections to initiate the Section Reuse pop up

  2. Start typing the Outline name in the Search field to trigger the search results dropdown, e.g. ACC110 201860 B D
  3. When you see your desired Outline, click on it to display its sections available for content reuse (if a matching section is found, it will be selected by default)
  4. If you wish, click ‘Preview Outline’ to open the Outline in a new tab. Close the preview tab or click back to your main tab to return to the Section Reuse pop up
  5. To search for a different Outline, click the cross (X) button on the right hand side of the Search field to clear your search and start typing another Outline name
  6. Once you have found your desired Outline, select the section you wish to reuse (if not selected by default)
  7. Use the buttons to confirm or cancel the reuse of the selected item/s
  8. If confirmed, the selected section content will be added to a null editor; or will overwrite any existing section content