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Saving your Outline

You are encouraged to regularly click the ‘Save’ button on your Outline’s floating toolbar. Various actions such as ‘PDF Preview’, ‘Run Compliance Check’ and submitting to the next step in the workflow will also save any unsaved changes.

Unsaved Changes Prompt

If you leave the screen while you have unsaved changes, a pop up will prompt you to choose whether to return the screen to click ‘Save’ or to leave the screen causing unsaved changes to be lost. The prompt will vary depending on whether you leave the page by clicking ‘Home’, your browser ‘Back’ button or closing your tab/browser.

SOT Time Outs

If a time out occurs, a pop up notification will display. You must follow these steps so you do not lose any unsaved work. The steps should cause your original tab to no longer be timed-out and therefore successfully save your work.

  1. On the Time Out pop up, click the link to open the Subject Outline Tool in a new tab
  2. Leave your original timed-out tab open
  3. In the new tab, log in to the Subject Outline Tool
  4. Close the Time Out pop up in your original tab and click ‘Save’
  5. Close the new tab you used to log in