Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Using the Editor

The SOT uses the Froala rich text WYSIWYG editor. It provides all the basic functions of Microsoft Word while maintaining the styles required for seamless Outline delivery in Interact2 subject sites. It features:

  • Floating menu bar
  • Predefined content styles including APA reference format (see screenshot below)
  • Bold/italics/underline
  • Subscript/superscript
  • Alignment - left, right, centre, justify
  • Ordered/Unordered lists
  • Increase/decrease indent
  • Full screen mode
  • Easy copy/paste from MS Word and MS Excel without losing formatting
  • Quick Insert for images, videos, tables, lists and horizontal lines
  • Insert link
  • Insert image - drag and drop the image; or click to browse. Click the folder icon to re-insert an image
  • Insert video
  • Insert table - see Working with Tables for a summary of functionality; plus tips and tricks
  • Special characters
  • MathType and ChemType functions
  • 'Select all' button
  • Cell Formatting - clears formatting
  • Help - keyboard shortcut quick guide
  • Code view
  • Undo/redo
  • Insert PDF landscape page:
    • select the content you want to display on a landscape oriented page in the PDF version
    • click the 'Insert PDF Landscape Page' button (horizontal line with arrow heads)
    • a red box will appear around the content to indicate which content has been selected for landscape orientation
    • click Preview PDF to check your content displays as intended

If instead you need the whole section displayed on a landscape page, choose the section-level landscape button option from the 'PDF section options'.