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The SOT utilises 'templates' to provide every Outline with a standard structure, i.e. the same logical groupings of information within each Subject Outline for all subjects taught by Charles Sturt. There are five (5) sections types within an Outline as tabled below.

A Subject Outline template accommodates a small amount of inherent differences across Faculties, Schools and study modes. For example, different 'autotext' content for a section, some offerings require a section that other offerings do not.

Section Type


Enterprise Data

Non-editable information drawn in from the Charles Sturt authoritative source, e.g. CASIMS subject profile, SC name and contact details if SC Profile is null.

SC Profile Data

The SC Profile enables Subject Coordinators to provide the name and contact details they want displayed in their Outlines. Learn more: SC Profile

Fixed Autotext

Non-editable information included in accordance with Charles Sturt University or School policy.

Editable Autotext

Editable information deemed 'best fit' for most subjects and is therefore provided automatically to assist authoring.

An Autotext Refresh can be run on a section to default the section content to the current effective editable autotext.


Sections which must be authored.

Editable template sections are either mandatory or optional.

Mandatory sections are intended to hold information that is mandated for inclusion in all Charles Sturt Subject Outlines by the Subject Outline Policy, e.g. Consultation procedures, Schedule; and Rationale for all assessment items. Authors and QA Officers (QAO) can identify mandatory sections by a red asterisk * displaying against the section header in their respective Edit Outline and QA Outline screens.

Mandatory sections cannot be null. If left null, they will fail the system Compliance Check. The Compliance Check is a quality control check built into the Subject Outline Tool to ensure completeness and validity. Learn more: Compliance Check

Optional sections are intended for information that must be included in an Outline IF it is relevant to the subject offering. Optional sections will be removed from the final Subject Outline if they are void of information. Preview Outline and Preview PDF options demonstrate the final Subject Outline by removing unused optional sections. Note that in the QA Outline screen, QA Officers will see all available sections so the Outline can be quality assured in the context of the full template.

Template Report

A Template Report is available to all staff via the SOT Reports dashboard. The Template Report is intended to provide a self-serve ability to create a custom overview of a template for a particular session and School/s. Learn more: Reports