Managing biosecurity risks

Biosecurity incursions from pests, diseases, weeds can significantly impact agricultural trade, environment and communities, and greatly cost, if not devastate, individual producers and entire industries.

Current biosecurity management systems could be significantly enhanced by providing an opportunity for greater farm, supply chain and community participation in preparedness within regions and across sectors to support existing biosecurity management systems and strategies.

The approach

  • Bring together key stakeholders to extend regional understanding and participate in regional biosecurity profiling.
  • Focus on identifying early risks, establishing preventative measures, monitoring threats and appropriate and rapid responses.
  • Simulate the effectiveness of commercial tracing technology and engage NSW wine producers, supply chain, community and response agencies to maximise biosecurity preparedness and management.

The goals

  • Improve collaboration between government, producers, supply chains and community to further enhance biosecurity preparedness and response capabilities.
  • Test a technology and data driven system of biosecurity preparedness for response agencies, producers, supply chain and community.
  • Establish a participation framework in profiling regional preparedness to biosecurity threats that could be applied across industries and Australia.
  • Develop a strategic road map for how to engage regions in active biosecurity preparedness and prevention activities.

Project partners

The Southern NSW Innovation Hub's Agricultural Innovation Hubs Program is joint initiative with Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. This project is a collaboration across the Hub, NSWDPI, NSW Wine and Onside


‘Biosecurity Preparedness in Southern NSW’ Strategic Investment Framework

Track and Trace project final report

Regional Biosecurity Profiling

Strengthening Biosecurity Preparedness Framework

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