Managing Rangelands for Drought Resilience

The project is one of two cross-hub projects where Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs work together on issues common to their geographical areas.

The Managing Rangelands for Drought Resilience project shared unbiased information and rangeland managers’ insights into potential technologies for their businesses through the Hub network to reduce the risk around adopting data-driven management technology.

In western NSW, SNSW Innovation Hub worked with Dr John Leys of Wind Erosion Consulting, and the NSW Farmers’ Association to demonstrate how satellite-based ground cover technology could predict ground cover changes above/below a critical threshold on-farm up to six months ahead. We worked with pastoralists at a workshop to demonstrate the role of agtech in rangeland drought preparedness, and captured the findings in a case study.

Lead Hub: Northern WA/NT Hub

Participating Hubs: SNSW, South-West WA, South Australia, Southern Qld/Northern NSW, Tropical North Qld