Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University


Core Mission

To Deliver high value research, education, training and extension to the Australian Wine Industry, and to provide leadership for the industry into the future.

NWGIC Expertise

The research capability of the NWGIC is unique in that we provide a continuum of research from the vine to wine, to sensory profile and consumer perception.

Vine Science

  1. Grapevine physiology
    1. source-sink interactions
    2. photosynthesis and water interactions
    3. rhizosphere and root functioning
  2. Ecophysiology of berry ripening
    1. fruit growth and composition 
    2. relationship of fruit with wine composition
  3. Vine disease Management
    1. bunch rots
    2. trunk diseases
    3. soil health

Wine Science

  1. Wine chemistry
  2. Process engineering
  3. Sensory and consumer science