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The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation is a collaborative research alliance between Charles Sturt University and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Research for Mixed Farming Systems

The Centre's research aims to increase the productivity of the grain and livestock industries, whilst reducing the risks of natural resource degradation, thus supporting a sustainable economic future for agriculture on regional, national and international levels.

Vision: To be the Australian centre of excellence for mixed farming systems addressing the challenges of food security, biosecurity and adaption to climate change.

Mission: To create knowledge and capacity, through multi-disciplinary and integrated research in strategic Research Pathways to deliver profitable and sustainable farming systems for the future.

Latest News

Dr-Peter-Horne-and-Dr-Nick-Austin-recently-visited-the-Graham-CentreACIAR visits the Graham Centre

Continuing to develop strong partnerships with industry, the Centre hosted a visit from Dr Nick Austin, CEO and Dr Peter Horne, General Manager Country Programs, ACIAR on 2 April.

Foxes found to host sheep measles

Increasing research links with international scientists

Women in Australian Agribusiness

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Research Pathways:
Conservation cropping
- stubble, precision agriculture, soil constraints, break crops (canola & pulses) & food quality
Ruminant feedbase
- pastures & crops, forage conservation, nutrition & food quality
Bio-protection & IPM of crops & pastures
- weeds, diseases & pests
Animal health & welfare
- diseases, parasites, preventative healthcare & welfare practices





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