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Feature Stories

International training for CSU PhD research students
Graham Centre PhD students Ms Brooke Kaveney and Ms Rachael Wood have been awarded scholarships by the NSW Crawford Fund to attend an international training program.

Vietnamese delegation takes in Riverina agriculture
Riverina agricultural production, research and innovation was highlighted when members of the Vietnam-Australia Agricultural Forum (VAAF) visited the Graham Centre.

World Migratory Bird Day: a reminder of our interconnected world
Years spent catching wild migratory birds for his research in remote parts of northern Australia and PNG has given Dr Andrew Peters a unique perspective of their ecological importance. He shares his thoughts ahead of World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) on Saturday 12 of May.

Welcome to 2018 Graham Centre student interns
The Graham Centre student internship program has kicked off for 2018 with the aim of providing five CSU undergraduate students with an insight into our research.

Silo technology tested
Controlling insects in grain stored on-farm is important to maintain the quality and value of the crop and research at the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation is putting one silo fumigation system to the test.

Guide for grazing biserrula
The hard seeded annual legume, biserrula has been embraced by farmers as a handy break in the cropping system but livestock grazing the pasture can be affected by photosensitisation.

It's not 'hairy' but Hillman's panic grass
Research from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation is debunking the widely held belief that the wind-swept grass on fence lines in the Riverina is ‘hairy panic’.

Shining light on evolution of GMOs and food

Australia Day scholarship for CSU student
Preventing disease to produce healthy animals is what motivates Charles Sturt University (CSU) student Ms Cara Wilson, who will be honoured this week for her early career research.

The cold-hard facts about lamb storage
If you’re putting lamb on the barbeque this Australia Day then you may be interested in new research about the impact of storage temperatures on meat quality.

Tackle summer weeds to reduce seed bank
Recent rain means summer weeds are flourishing and researchers from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation say careful management and correct identification are crucial to tackling the problem in fallow paddocks.

2017 highlights
As we begin a new year of research to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the red meat and grains industries we are celebrating the Graham Centre's achievements of 2017.

Using flowering plants to protect veggie crops from pests
New research will explore if vegetation management, like preserving native vegetation or flowering strips in the margins of Australian vegetable crops, will help keep pests at bay.