Withdraw from a subject

If illness, misadventure or other extenuating circumstances cause you to need to withdraw from a subject after the Census Date but before grades are released for the session, you may apply for Special Consideration.

You also have to the option to apply for an extension beyond the end of session, a Grade Pending (GP), or a Deferred Examination. View the types of Special Consideration available.

If the Head of School approves your application for special consideration an Approved Withdrawal (AW) grade will be awarded.  If not,  you will be failed in the subject and the grade FL (fail) will be recorded on your transcript. In some circumstances a FW (fail withdraw) may be awarded for students that have not been assessed for any summative assessment tasks in a subject.

Read the Enrolment Policy Section 13 Withdrawal from Subjects.

How do I apply?

You can apply to withdraw from your subject after Census using the Application for Special Consideration.

If you are applying to withdraw after the Census date because of illness, you will also need to submit a Student Medical Certificate [PDF], which needs to be filled out by a medical practitioner.

For an AW to be granted, your statement must be well supported by documentary evidence.

If you want to apply for an AW after the final grade for that subject has been released, you must apply for a Review of Final Grade.

Deadlines for submission

Apply for special consideration as soon as possible after the circumstances have occurred.

See Time Limits for Special Consideration submission

Refunds/Waivers for Approved Withdrawals

If you are granted an AW grade, you will not automatically be given a waiver of your HECS-Help liability (or a refund if you paid upfront) for the subject. You will need to apply separately for a refund and your reasons for withdrawing must meet the criteria.

Access and search for the Remission or Reimbursement Application form.

When are the Census Dates?

See Principal Dates for when the Census Date occurs.

More information

  • Sydney and Melbourne Study Centre students must meet with their respective Course Coordinators for any variation to their enrolment.
  • For assistance with your application or questions, contact a Student Advocate or Student Central.

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