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Charles Sturt University

Fruit Growth & Composition

Research to understand fruit development in relation to geography and vineyard climate.

Selected Research Projects

Internal drivers of grape berry development

(a project of the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production)

Team leader: Dr Suzy Rogiers (NSW DPI)

Team members:  Dr Zeyu Xiao (NWGIC), Prof Leigh Schmidtke (NWGIC), Prof Steve Tyerman (UA), Dr Vinay Pagay (UA)

Fruits, roots and leaves are interconnected by a dynamic vascular system allowing mass transport of essential materials and a means for whole plant communication and integration. Long distance transport via the grapevine’s xylem/phloem network ultimately defines fruit size and composition, impacting yield and wine style. This project will define the mechanisms driving water, carbohydrate, ion and signal flow to the berry.