Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Grain and meat quality

Overall outcome:

Increased value of grains and meat through improvements in processing and market-led product innovation.

Research Pathway Leader: Professor Chris Blanchard

Focus Areas

  • Nutrition and health attributes, consumer perceptions
  • Innovation across the value chain (processing, market development)
  • Member Projects
  • Postgraduate Student Projects
  • Research Discipline Groups

NB List is sorted alphabetically by Researcher.

Expanding options for sorghum – Food and Distilling

This project will seek to develop an understanding of the opportunities for Australian sorghum growers to access high value markets. Australian sorghum varieties will then be compared to competitor varieties in beverage and food applications to establish the basis of new high value export markets for Australian sorghum. [Ref: 101663]

Contact: Prof Chris Blanchard Funding Source: GRDC

Functional Grains CentreFunctional Grains Industrial Transformation Training Centre

The ARC ITTC for Functional Grains has two aims; to train the next generation of grain scientists and to transform the Australian grains industry from a low value commodity based industry to a high value food and feed industry. The centre provides funding for 10 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral scientists to work with industry partners to solve industry problems. [Ref: 100737]

Contact: Prof Chris Blanchard Funding Source: ARC

Increasing productivity and profitability of pulse production in cereal based cropping systems in Pakistan

Demand for pulses in Pakistan has been increasing while production has decreased over the last 20 years. This project, mainly through farmer led research and demonstrations, aims to help local farmers improve the way pulses are grown in the existing cropping systems, to add value by improving food processing technology and make these crops more economic. Along with Graham Centre researchers, the project involves scientists from Pakistan National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Provincial research institutes and universities in Pakistan and Farmlink Research. [Ref. 101863]  Read more about the project.

Contact: Professor Chris Blanchard Funding Source: ACIAR

Market Intelligence for Pulses

This project is being conducted in collaboration with the Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre and aims to understand the key quality attributes of Australian pulses required by our export markets. [Ref: 101192]

Contact: Prof Chris Blanchard Funding Source: GRDC

Next Generation Healthy Rice

The Next Generation Health Rice project aims to develop a rapid screening method for the Australian Rice Breeding Program to enable the selection of new rice varieties with a low glycaemic index. [Ref: 101145]

Contact: Prof Chris Blanchard Funding Source: RIRDC

Bioactive compounds in Lentils

Australia is a major exporter of red lentils to the Indian subcontinent. To improve Australia's position in the global red lentil market, promote Australian green lentil export, and encourage domestic consumption, it is beneficial to continue to investigate the health benefits of lentil fractions as a functional product. This project will investigate the types of phenolic compounds and inhibitors in a variety of lentil cultivars, determining their antioxidant, antihypertensive and ant obesity properties.

Contact: Prof Chris Blanchard Funding Source: DEDJTR

Metabolomics as a tool for diagnosis and monitoring in Coeliac disease

This research represents a pilot study that will demonstrate proof of concept for LC-MS platforms in the treatment of Coeliac Disease (CD). The aims are to monitor recovery (via urinary metabolomics), in patients diagnosed with CD who have commenced a gluten free diets. Urine is inherently complex with respect to metabolite composition and can be obtained non-invasively. Prospective monitoring of urine profiles at defined time points from diagnosis is aimed at better understanding the mechanisms behind intestinal recovery and identifying deviations/obstacles to recovery through interrogation of the LC-MS data. [Ref: 100597]

Contact: Dr Danielle Ryan Funding Source: Coeliac Australia