Indigenous Employment

Charles Sturt University's relationship with Indigenous communities is a central focus of its commitment to its regions. The University aims to provide education, employment and research opportunities which support the aspirations of Indigenous Australians.

In May 2005, the University launched an Indigenous Employment Strategy to increase the recruitment and career development of Indigenous Australians in mainstream University positions and to encourage Indigenous communities to see the University as a potential place of employment. The Indigenous Employment Strategy provides opportunities for Indigenous recruits to gain professional qualifications, work skills and experience in a wide range of University jobs. The University has a goal of increasing the representation of Indigenous staff to 3% of all University staff by 2015.

Employing Indigenous people in a variety of positions across the University supports our strategic goals and will benefit staff and students by encouraging diversity and cross-cultural understanding in the University community.


For further information please contact:

Catherine Maxwell
Indigenous Employment Coordinator
Tel: (02) 6933 2200

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