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170008_ FINAL_Chemical clues to Paterson’s curse invasion_.pdf Download PDF File


Forum showcases research and innovation for sheep producers Download PDF File

Sheep producers will hear about new research and technology to benefit their farm businesses at a forum in July, hosted by the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Beef industry research on show Download PDF File

The outlook for the beef industry, technology, quality assurance and new research will be on show when the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation hosts a forum next month. The 2017 beef forum on Friday 4 August will give producers and advisors an insight into research and development throughout the entire the supply chain.

Graham Centre’s blueprint to meet research needs of industry Download PDF File


Inspiring students to consider agricultural science career Download PDF File

From mapping cuts of meat on a cow to checking out rice in the laboratory, high school students will get some hands-on experience at the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation this month.

Rice quality on the menu at symposium_News Release.pdf Download PDF File


New research to improve dairy calf management Download PDF File

Australian dairy farmers are being asked to take part in new research through the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation aimed at improving calf health and productivity.

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Media-Alert_GC-Research-at-Animal-Production-Conference.pdf Download PDF File


180612_News-Release_Salt-your-beef-to-boost-growth-rates-when-grazing-wheat.pdf Download PDF File


Beef research under the microscope Download PDF File

With strong prices, continued high demand and an excellent start to the season there is widespread optimism across the beef industry.

Management to improve lamb survival Download PDF File

On average 20% of lambs born will die, with 90% of deaths occurring during or within seven days of birth.

Reviewing food safety and market access risk in supply chains Download PDF File

A recently funded project will address the joint Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) terms of reference, reviewing food safety and market access risk in supply chains.

Sheep research in the spotlight Download PDF File

Industry experts will discuss their latest research findings around issues of key relevance to producers and the Australian sheep industry at this year’s Graham Centre Sheep Forum on Friday 8 July.

2015 Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum Media Release Download PDF File

Research focussing on pasture mixes, legumes for high rainfall zones, crop sequences, and weed and disease management will be the focus of this year’s Graham Centre Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum.

What makes a profitable beef enterprise? Download PDF File

The most profitable beef producers get pasture utilisation and animal health right as a first priority.

Biosecurity of the ovine persuasion Download PDF File

Producers have an important role to play in protecting their property, region and livestock industry from biosecurity threats.

Increased health benefits of canola oil Download PDF File

Researchers from Charles Sturt University have discovered Australian commercial canola contains significant amounts of lutein, a bioactive compound with the potential to prevent macular degeneration.

Identifying optimal choices for livestock production and mitigation of photosensitisation in sheep grazing Biserrula Download PDF File

Utilising biserrula as an on‐demand break option in a crop‐pasture rotation system significantly reduces input costs by removing the need to re‐sow pasture after the cropping phase, as well as allowing maximal flexibility in terms of altering the crop to pasture/crop to livestock ratio of an individual farm in a very short timeframe.

Spotlight shines on industry research Download PDF File

Research focussing on the ruminant feedbase, stubble and weed and disease management will be the focus of this year’s Graham Centre Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum.

Advancing Australian exports for mixed farmers Download PDF File

A senior figure in the development of Australian exports to international emerging markets will deliver the keynote address at Future Proofing Mixed Farming Systems Forum at Wagga Wagga on Friday 22 August.

Voices for Australian agribusiness Download PDF File

The head of one of Australia’s largest horticultural companies has called for political action to secure a viable future for the country’s agribusinesses.

Don’t fence me in? The welfare of cattle in feedlots Download PDF File

Feedlotting cattle raises a variety of potential welfare concerns associated with the inability of cattle to express their full repertoire of natural behaviours, such as grazing, when confined in a feedlot environment.

There has never been a better time to determine your future Download PDF File

With the upcoming release of the Federal Government’s Agricultural White Paper there has never been a better time to determine what mixed farming systems might look like in the future.

Farmers understanding & approach to control of Pestivirus in eastern Australia Download PDF File

Pestivirus or Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVDV) is a virus many Australian farmers have heard of, but their approach to controlling BVDV varies across eastern Australia.

Working with cattle to build better stockyards Download PDF File

Understanding how cattle perceive the world and knowing how they are likely to react in given situations is the basis for good yard design and cattle handling.

What’s the relationship between soil biology and carbon? Download PDF File

Soil carbon can be significantly increased by retaining crop stubble after harvest; however adoption is constrained by difficulties of sowing into subsequent crops, with up to 50 percent of farmers’ still burning stubble across south eastern Australia.