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Allan Gunn

 Allan Gunn

BSc.Agric (Natal), BVM&S (Edin), MANZCVS (horse med; repro), DACT, MRCVS

Allan was born and raised in Zimbabwe where he completed secondary education. After a year of national service he completed a four year Agricultural degree in South Africa. He then spent a year on a travelling 'working holiday' before returning to Zimbabwe and working in the Agricultural sector, including a year of farming cotton and wheat.

He then left for the UK to study veterinary medicine at the R(D)SVS in Edinburgh. After graduating he practiced mainly as a farm animal and horse clinician, before returning to Zimbabwe to set up his own rural practice. With the demise of the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe, he undertook various locum tenens positions in the UK, Australia, and Beijing, before settling in the Hunter Valley of NSW. During this time he obtained Membership of the ANZCVS in horse medicine, and reproduction, before becoming a Diplomate ACT via the alternate route.

Lectureship at CSU beckoned where he is now in the production animal department.

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  • Early career researcher. Main interest is in reproduction especially neuro-endocrinology.


  • Theriogenology and Dairy production animal subjects.
  • Reproduction in the production, predominantly dairy, animal department.

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  • Theriogenology and teaching

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Read more on CSU Research Outputs (CRO).

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