Amina Price

Dr Amina Price

Aquatic Ecologist

Gulbali Institute


Dr Amina Price is a freshwater ecologist with over 15 years of research experience in rivers and wetlands. Amina’s research has focussed on increasing our understanding of how freshwater ecosystems function and how that knowledge can be applied to support sustainable management and restoration.

Amina has worked extensively in the field of environmental flows, specifically in relation to ecosystem water requirements for river, wetland and floodplain systems. Amina has a strong background in freshwater fish ecology and has expertise in recruitment ecology, habitat and flow requirements, movement and dispersal and threatened fish conservation and captive breeding. Amina has worked on a number of large collaborative projects and was the fish theme leader for the $10 million ‘The Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research’ project.

Currently, Amina is leading a captive breeding program for the critically endangered Stocky galaxias.

  • Riverine, wetland and floodplain ecology
  • Freshwater fish ecology
  • Threatened species conservation and management
  • Flow ecology
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Recent publications

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