Ivor Stuart

Dr Ivor Stuart

Fisheries Ecologist, Associate Professor of Fisheries, Gulbali Institute

Gulbali Institute


Ivor is a freshwater fisheries biologist, with 30 years industry experience in flow planning, river management, fish passage and fish ecology. Ivor has worked in the tropical rivers of northern Australia, the arid rivers of western Qld and NSW, and the southern temperate rivers of Victoria and NSW. Ivor ran a successful consulting business, specialising in fish passage, from 2006-2018.

Ivor has worked on >150 fish passage projects and brings a practical and transparent approach to fishway design with a strong emphasis on integration of local hydrology and fish ecology to improve outcomes. During river infrastructure projects, Ivor helps conceptualise fish ecology to identify important parts of a rivers flow regime for managers to maintain fish populations. He has worked thorough-out Australia, and also in New Zealand, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia.

Ivor has published >60 scientific journal articles and is an Associate Editor at Fisheries Management & Ecology and on the editorial board of the open access journal Water. As part of small teams, Ivor has received the Eureka Prize (2004), the David Ashton Award (2004) for applied fisheries research. Since then, he has won many awards for fish passage projects, as part of small teams.

  • River Hydropower
  • Irrigation Infrastructure
  • Fish Passageways
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Recent publications

  • Baumgartner, L. J., Boys, C., Marsden, T., McPherson, J., Ning, N., Phonekhampeng, O., Robinson, W., Singhanouvong, D., Stuart, I., & Thorncraft, G. (2022). A comparison of the effectiveness of three fishway designs for use in a large tropical river system. Abstract from Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.
  • Stuart, I., & Cooke, S. (2022). Controlling common carp (Cyprinus carpio): Barriers, biological traits, and selective fragmentation. Biological Invasions, 1-22.
  • O'Connor, J., Hale, R., Mallen-Cooper, M., Cooke, S. J., & Stuart, I. (2022). Developing performance standards in fish passage: Integrating ecology, engineering and socio-economics. Ecological Engineering, 182, [106732]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2022.106732
  • Koehn, J. D., Stuart, I. G., & Todd, C. R. (2022). Integrating conventional risk management and population models to assess risks from an established invasive freshwater fish. Journal of Environmental Management, 324, 116343. [116343]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2022.116343