Skye Wassens

Professor Skye Wassens


Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Professor Skye Wassens is an internationally recognised ecologist specialising in the ecology and conservation of wetland dependant amphibians. Her research on the responses of amphibians to environmental flooding and amphibian water requirements has led the way for the inclusion of amphibians into environmental flooding programs throughout the Murray-Darling Basin. Her research on wetland dependent frogs currently underpins environmental flooding strategies in the Lowbidgee floodplain and Yanga National Park, the Murrumbidgee Water Sharing Plan and management of wetlands in the Mid Lachlan River. She has lead a number of major field based research projects on the relationship between flooding and amphibian dispersal, tadpole ecology, the relationship between native and introduced freshwater fish and amphibian recruitment during wetland flooding, temporal activity patterns of wetland dependant frogs and large scale drivers of amphibian habitat occupancy in regulated rivers and floodplain wetlands.

She is leader of the Murrumbidgee Long Term Intervention Monitoring Project

  • Aquatic ecology
  • Ecology and conservation of wetland dependent amphibians
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Recent Publications

  • Michael, D., Nimmo, D., Stevens, E., Schlen, T., & Wassens, S. (2023). Finding Ngabi (Hemiaspis damelii): Factors affecting the use of modified floodplain wetlands by an endangered snake. Wildlife Research.
  • Mathwin, R., Wassens, S., Gibbs, M., Young, J., Ye, Q., & Bradshaw, C. J. A. (2023). Modeling the effects of water regulation on the population viability of a threatened amphibian. Ecosphere, 14(1), [e4379].
  • Voros, J., Wassens, S., Price, L., Hunter, D., Myers, S., Armstrong, K., Mahony, M., & Donnellan, S. (2023). Molecular systematic analysis demonstrates that the threatened southern bell frog, Litoria raniformis (Anura: Pelodryadidae) of eastern Australia,comprises two sub-species. Zootaxa, 5228(1), 1-43.
  • Turner, A., Moore, E., Talbot, S., Sundblom, C., & Wassens, S. (2023). Murrumbidgee Monitoring, Evaluation and Research program, ecological responses to Commonwealth environmental water: Field report. Number 14, January 2023. Charles Sturt University.
  • Univer, B., Suthar, J., Wassens, S., & Shamsi, S. (2023). Occurrence and molecular identification of nematodes from blue mackerel Scomber australasicus Cuvier in Australian waters. Parasitology International , 92(102664), 1-12. [102664].