Wayne Robinson

Dr Wayne Robinson

Wildlife Ecologist, Research Fellow, ACIAR

Gulbali Institute


Wayne Robinson has a background in data analysis and natural resource management themes and aims to develop management, monitoring and research techniques that can be employed in an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable manner. During the last three decades, he has developed a high level of expertise in the experimental design and analysis of long-term monitoring of Australia's ecological resources. Wayne has worked on multiple fisheries research projects in Lao PDR since 2012 and is currently employed as a specialist to monitor fish passage at current and future Mekong River mainstem hydropower stations.

  • Fish passage
  • Large-scale ecosystem monitoring design
  • River health assessment
  • Sustainable Mekong River fisheries
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Recent publications

  • Conallin, J., Tun, N. N., Swe, A. M., Baumgartner, L. J., Lunn, Z., Mallen-Cooper, M., Marsden, T., Ning, N., Robinson, W., Senevirathna, L., & Thew, P. (2023). Using fish swimming ability to refine criteria for fishway construction in Myanmar. Fisheries Research, 262, [106680].
  • Baumgartner, L. J., Boys, C., Marsden, T., McPherson, J., Ning, N., Phonekhampeng, O., Robinson, W., Singhanouvong, D., Stuart, I., & Thorncraft, G. (2022). A comparison of the effectiveness of three fishway designs for use in a large tropical river system. Abstract from Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.
  • Conallin, J., Ning, N., Bond, J., Pawsey, N., Baumgartner, L. J., Atminarso, D., McPherson, H., Robinson, W., & Thorncraft, G. (2022). A review of the applicability of the motivations and abilities (MOTA) framework for assessing the implementation success of water resources management plans and policies. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 26(5), 1357-1370. https://doi.org/10.5194/hess-26-1357-2022
  • Feio, M. J., Hughes, R. M., Serra, S. R. Q., Nichols, S. J., Kefford, B. J., Lintermans, M., Robinson, W., Odume, O. N., Callisto, M., Macedo, D. R., Harding, J. S., Yates, A. G., Monk, W., Nakamura, (2022). Fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages reveal extensive degradation of the world's rivers. Global Change Biology. https://doi.org/10.1111/gcb.16439