Babu Nath

Dr Babu Nath

Research Fellow in Veterinary Epidemiology, Biosecurity and Surveillance, Charles Sturt Centre for Biosecurity, Gulbali Institute

Gulbali Institute


Dr. Babu Nath has been awarded his Ph.D. from Charles Sturt University for researching on molecular and structural virology of circoviruses. This is followed by his post-doctoral research supporting by the Charles Sturt University Centre for Biosecurity under Gulbali Institute for developing innovative solutions in biosecurity prediction, detection, risk evaluation, and translational products including diagnostics, anti-viral, and vaccines.

Before joining Charles Sturt as a HDR student in 2018 with Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (AGRTP), Babu worked as a full time academic in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) at Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh. Currently, he is working as a research fellow under the Gulbali Institute of Charles Sturt and involved with Jade Forwood lab focusing on protein expression, purification and crystallography. Besides, he is working with veterinary pathology team of Charles Sturt university and involved with Veterinary diagnostic laboratory concentrating on molecular diagnosis and genotyping of veterinary pathogens.

Babu’s main research themes include epidemiology of infectious diseases, molecular biology, viral evolution and structural virology. His primary research interest is linking genomics and structural biology techniques for determining viral evolution, discovering novel viruses of veterinary importance and expressing recombinant protein macromolecules as vaccine candidates.

  • Epidemiology of infectious diseases
  • Viral genomics
  • Viral evolution
  • Structural characterisation of essential viral proteins.
  • Evolutionary and Structural Biology of Circoviruses
  • Molecular diagnosis and genotyping of veterinary pathogens
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Recent Publications

  • Nath, B. K., Das, S., Tidd, N., Das, T., Forwood, J. K., & Raidal, S. R. (2023). Lesions and viral loads in racing pigeons naturally coinfected with pigeon circovirus and columbid alphaherpesvirus 1 in Australia. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 10406387231156839.
  • Sarker, S., Haque, M. H., Nath, B. K., Talukder, S., Lavers, J. L., & Raidal, S. R. (2022). Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a seabird, wedge-tailed shearwater (Ardenna pacifica). Microbiology Resource Announcements, 11(2), 1-3. [e01191-21].
  • Nath, B. K., Das, S., Das, T., Forwood, J. K., & Raidal, S. R. (2022). Development and applications of a TaqMan based quantitative real-time PCR for the rapid detection of Pigeon circovirus (PiCV). Journal of Virological Methods, 308, [114588].
  • Nath, B. (2022). Study on the biology of circovirus encoded proteins with special emphasis on pigeon circovirus. [Doctoral Thesis, Charles Sturt University]. Charles Sturt University.
  • Sarker, S., Nath, B. K., Talukder, S., & Raidal, S. R. (2021). Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca). Microbiology Resource Announcements, 10(24), 1-3. [e00342-21].