Brian McSharry

Dr Brian McSharry

Molecular Virologist

Dentistry and Medical Sciences


Dr Brian McSharry is a molecular virologist with a specific interest in mechanisms of viral immune modulation. He graduated with a BSc in Biotechnology from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) before pursuing a PhD in Prof Gavin Wilkinson’s lab in Cardiff University studying human cytomegalovirus infection. Following subsequent postdoctoral work at NUIG, Cardiff University and Trinity College Dublin, Brian moved to the University of Sydney in 2011 where he continued his studies into molecular mechanisms encoded by viral infections to regulate host response pathways. Brian was then recruited to take up a lecturer position in the School of Microbiology at University College Cork before returning to Australia in 2021 to undertake a lecturer in virology position at Charles Sturt.

  • How viral proteins can traffic to the nucleus to promote viral infection as well as regulate the host response pathways
  • Modulation of innate and adaptive immunity by viral infection
  • Development of viral vector systems
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Recent publications

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