Gayle Petersen

Dr Gayle Petersen

Research Fellow in Biosecurity, Gulbali Institute

Gulbali Institute


I am a multidisciplinary researcher with >12 years of experience performing scientific research with real-life outcomes. I have a PhD in stem cell and molecular biology from Charles Sturt, where I used lentiviral vectors to reprogram equine adult stem cells into neural cell types, with prospective roles in regenerative medicine, disease modelling, and drug screening. Following my PhD, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at UQ, investigating a potential treatment for medulloblastoma, the most common malignant paediatric brain tumour, using a combination of cell culture and genetic mouse models. I am currently a research fellow in the Gulbali Institute’s Centre for Biosecurity, using structural biology techniques to develop vaccines and therapeutics against current and emerging pathogens threatening Australia’s biosecurity.

  • Biosecurity
  • Nuclear Transport
  • Structural Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Reprogramming
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Recent Publications

  • Alvisi, G., Manaresi, E., Cross, E. M., Hoad, M., Akbari, N., Pavan, S., Ariawan, D., Bua, G., Petersen, G. F., Forwood, J., & Gallinella, G. (2023). Importin α/β-dependent nuclear transport of human parvovirus B19 nonstructural protein 1 is essential for viral replication. Antiviral Research, 213, [105588].
  • Ghafoori, S. M., Petersen, G. F., Conrady, D. G., Calhoun, B. M., Stigliano, M. Z., Baydo, R. O., ... & Forwood, J. K. (2023). Structural characterisation of hemagglutinin from seven Influenza A H1N1 strains reveal diversity in the C05 antibody recognition site. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 6940.
  • Petersen, G. F., & Strappe, P. M. (2016). Generation of diverse neural cell types through direct conversion. World Journal of Stem Cells, 8(2), 32-46.
  • Petersen, G. F., Hilbert, B., Trope, G., Kalle, W., & Strappe, P. (2015). A paper-based scaffold for enhanced osteogenic differentiation of equine adipose-derived stem cells. Biotechnology Letters, 37(11), 2321-2331.
  • Petersen, G. F., Hilbert, B., Trope, G., Kalle, W., & Strappe, P. (2015). Direct conversion of equine adipose-derived stem cells into induced neuronal cells is enhanced in three-dimensional culture. Cellular Reprogramming, 17(6), 419-426.