Justin Roby

Dr Justin Roby

THRIIVE – Rural and First Nations Community Engagement pillar lead


Dr. Roby is a virologist and innate immunologist by training and is passionate about virology research. Dr. Roby obtained his Ph.D. from UQ (2014) for work on a DNA-launched, replicating West Nile virus vaccine. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the UW, Seattle where he gained expertise in innate immune signalling in response to flaviviral infections.

Dr. Roby joined the Forwood laboratory at CSU in October 2019, working to understand the molecular interactions between host and viral proteins. Dr. Roby is an active researcher within the new THRIIVE initiative to promote virology in collaboration with colleagues at CSU and other institutions.

Dr. Roby is a member of THRIIVE, the Gulbali Institute, the Australasian Virology Society, the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists, and the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Virus-host interactions
  • Structure-function relationship of viral virulence factors
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Recent publications

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