Mark Frost

Dr Mark Frost




Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Agribusiness in the School of Business and brings both corporate and academic understanding to his research. He has researched in commodity prices and exchange rates as well as international management and trade. Mark is currently involved in research projects on how sustainable agricultural management practices can be recognized and valued along the supply chain. This includes recognition for lowering GHG emissions and enhancing natural capital and biodiversity. He is also involved in research looking at business models and ownership structures of electricity micro-grids and ag-voltaic systems. Mark has also supervised higher degree students in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship and financial marketing.

  • Asia / Pacific Trade
  • Terms of Trade
  • Exchange rates and Commodity Prices
  • Agricultural supply chains
  • Natural capital and GHG emission reporting
  • Renewable energy business models and systems
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Recent Publications

  • Edwards, J., Miles, M. P., D'Alessandro, S., & Frost, M. (2023). Entrepreneurial strategy-making, corporate entrepreneurship preparedness and entrepreneurial sales actions: Improving B2B sales performance. Journal of Business Research, 157, [113586].
  • Wright, S., Frost, M., Wong, A., & Parton, K. A. (2022). Australian renewable-energy microgrids: A humble past, a turbulent present, a propitious future. Sustainability, 14(5), 1-19. [2585].
  • Pawsey, N., Ascui, F., & Frost, M. (2022). Improving the visibility of soil health and risks in corporate reporting. 1-2. Abstract from Australian Accounting Standards Board 2022 Research Forum, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Edwards, J., Miles, M. P., D'Alessandro, S., & Frost, M. (2022). Linking B2B sales performance to entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurial selling actions. Journal of Business Research, 142, 585-593.
  • Jenkins, S., Neher, A., Frost, M., Kleinschafer, J., Bamberry, L., Sutton, C., Hodgins, G., & Bhanugopan, R. (2022). The evaluation report of the DELWP single-agency 'leading for better mental health program' pilot. Charles Sturt University.