Mark Morrison

Professor Mark Morrison

Environmental Economist and Marketer



Professor Mark Morrison researches in the area of environmental economics and environmental marketing. In environmental economics he has published widely on non-market valuation and has worked on several high profile decisions including assisting the Murray-Darling Basin Authority with benefit estimation for the Basin Plan, and two Copyright Tribunal hearings on the value of music. Mark is interested in the use of incentive programs and has conducted several projects with a number of catchment management authorities and regional bodies investigating how to encourage landholder participation, particularly among difficult to reach landholder segments. His work in environmental marketing includes research on climate change communication and household demand management of electricity. He has also conducted research in the area of marketing education.

  • Non-market valuation
  • Technology adoption
  • Market-based instruments
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Climate change communications
  • Human Resource Management
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Recent Publications

  • Morrison, M., Boyle, K. J., Thomy, B., Burton, M., & Xu, W. (2022). Enhancing urban stream values: The case of the Cooks and Georges River Catchments. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 148(11), 1-14. [04022056].
  • Poudel, B., Parton, K., & Morrison, M. (2022). The drivers of the sustainable performance of renewable energy-based mini-grids. Renewable Energy, 189, 1206-1217.
  • Ceric, A., Small, F., & Morrison, M. (2022). What Indigenous employees value in a business training programme: Implications for training design and government policies. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 74(2), 228-248.
  • Weng, W., Morrison, M. D., Boyle, K. J., Boxall, P. C., & Rose, J. (2021). Effects of the number of alternatives in public good discrete choice experiments. Ecological Economics, 182, 1-12. [106904].
  • Poudel, B., Maley, J., Parton, K., & Morrison, M. (2021). Factors influencing the sustainability of micro-hydro schemes in Nepal. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 151, 1-11. [111544].