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Dr Tahmid Nayeem




Dr Tahmid Nayeem is a senior lecturer in Marketing at Charles Sturt University. He has a PhD in Consumer Behaviour, an Honours degree in Marketing and an MBA from the UK. Tahmid specialises in Consumer Psychology, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research and Social and Environmental Marketing. His expertise in these areas has made significant contributions to both the academic community and the industry. With a strong background in market research, Tahmid previously served as a market research analyst at British Petroleum (BP), where he successfully designed and executed multiple research projects. He also worked as a marketing executive in the UK media industry.

Tahmid’s current research focus incorporates five specific areas of Marketing/Communications; (1) Marketing communications and practice, method and theory, (2) Social and Environmental marketing practice and theory; and human/wildlife coexistence, focusing on (3) Policy development, (4) Behaviour change in technology adoption, and (5) Management practices by government, informed by community insights. His focus has resulted in securing multiple research grants and the publication of high-impact academic and industry reports. Tahmid’s work has been featured in esteemed academic journals such as the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (JRCS), Marketing Intelligence and Planning (MIP), Journal of Product and Brand Management (JPBM), Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), Journal of Environmental Management (JEM), Australasian Journal of Environmental Management (AJEM), Sustainability, among others. Leading and designing insightful research projects is a cornerstone of Tahmid’s research portfolio. He excels in developing and submitting client-driven research proposals, overseeing multidisciplinary research teams throughout data collection and analysis processes, and preparing major industry reports. Currently, Tahmid is involved in multiple externally funded research projects totalling approx. $3 million. Some of his projects are funded by NSW DPI, National Mental Health Council (NMHC), Soil CRC, and Cybersecurity CRC.

  • Cross-cultural consumer behaviour studies
  • Social marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Knowledge management
  • Community engagement
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Recent Publications

  • Nayeem, T., Pawsey, N., Baumgartner, L., Sexton, A., & Boys, C. (2023). Water users' attitudes towards fish-protection screens: a case study from Australia's Murray-Darling (Baaka) Basin. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 30(1), 107-126. https://doi.org/10.1080/14486563.2023.2180097
  • Murshed, F., Dwivedi, A., & Nayeem, T. (2023). Brand authenticity building effect of brand experience and downstream effects. Journal of Product and Brand Management. https://doi.org/10.1108/JPBM-02-2021-3377
  • Nayeem, T., Pawsey, N., Murshed, F., Baumgartner, L. J., Boys, C., & Rayner, T. (2023). Modern Sustainable Fish Screens: A Study on Developing Effective Communication with Water Users. Sustainability (Switzerland), 15(9).
  • D'Ament, G., Saliba, A. J., & Nayeem, T. (2023). Nature and significance of wine tourism: an Australian perspective. In S. K. Dixit (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of Wine Tourism (1st ed., pp. 29-42). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003143628-4
  • Shammout, E., D’Alessandro, S., Small, F., & Nayeem, T. (2022) Lifting the curtain on cultural values, materialism, and luxury consumption: Evidence from Jordan. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 21 (5), 987-1001