Jeffrey McCormick

Dr Jeffrey McCormick


Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Jeff completed a PhD on dual-purpose canola at Charles Sturt University. This work included field crop agronomy research, plant physiology and APSIM modelling. In 2010, Jeff commenced work with NSW DPI as part of the EverCrop program with Future Farm Industries. The primary focus of this position was investigating the establishment of pastures by undersowing in the mixed farming zone. In 2012, Jeff moved to Lincoln University, New Zealand, as a Plant Science Lecturer. Teaching included first year plant science, crop science and crop and pasture agronomy. Jeff came back to Charles Sturt as a lecturer in Agronomy in 2016.

  • Pasture management
  • Dual-purpose crops
  • Mixed farming systems
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Recent publications

  • Wyse, J., Gurusinghe, S., McCormick, J., Weston, L. A., & Stephen, C. (2023). Evaluation of the drying/hay making process on the content of phyto-oestrogens in lucerne hay. 9-9. Abstract from CSU DocFest 23, Wagga Wagga.
  • Zeleke, K., & McCormick, J. (2022). Crop sequencing to improve productivity and profitability in irrigated double cropping using agricultural system simulation modelling. Agronomy, 12(5), [1229].
  • Wyse, J., Latif, S., Gurusinghe, S., McCormick, J., Weston, L. A., & Stephen, C. P. (2022). Phytoestrogens: A review of their impacts on reproductive physiology and other effects upon grazing livestock. Animals, 12(19), [2709].
  • McCormick, J. I., Paulet, J. W., Bell, L. W., Seymour, M., Ryan, M. P., & McGrath, S. R. (2021). Dual-purpose crops: The potential to increase cattle liveweight gains in winter across southern Australia. Animal Production Science, 61(11), 1189-1201.\
  • Ballester, C., Hornbuckle, J., Inthavong, T., Lim, V., McCormick, J., Molesworth, A., Oeurng, C., Quayle, W., Seng, V., Sengxua, P., Sihathep, V., Touch, V., Vote, C., & Eberbach, P. (2021). Evaluating strategies to improve water availability and lateral root growth of plants grown in the rice-growing lowlands of the Lower Mekong Basin. Agronomy, 11(10), [1929].