John Broster

Dr John Broster

Herbicide Resistance

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


After graduating from the University of Adelaide with a BAppSc (Ag) (Hons), John completed a Masters Degree at CSU investigating herbicide resistance in wild oats in southern NSW. Since then he has participated in several herbicide resistance projects including herbicide resistance to knockdown herbicides and herbicide resistance in weeds of rice.

IN 2014 John completed his PhD on the influence of shelter design on new born lamb survival when working as part of the EverGraze research project.

John is the national leader of the GRDC research project determining the extent of herbicide resistance across the cropping region of Australia. He is also the CSU leader of projects investigating the impact of stripper header fronts on stubble micro-climate and another gaining a greater understanding of preventing haystack fires. He also manages the CSU Herbicide Resistance Testing Service and is involved in several other research projects.

  • Herbicide Resistance
  • Integrated weed management
  • Use of GPS and remote sensing in tracking movement of livestock and interaction of mother and offspring.
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Recent Publications

  • Broster, J. C., Boutsalis, P., Gill, G. S., Preston, C. (2023). Frequency of herbicide resistance in wild oats (Avena spp.), brome grass (Bromus spp.) and barley grass (Hordeum spp.) as determined by random surveys across south-eastern Australia. Crop & Pasture Science,
  • Nevard, R. P., Pant, S. D., Broster, J. C., Norman, S. T., & Stephen, C. P. (2023). Maternal Behavior in Beef Cattle: The Physiology, Assessment and Future Directions—A Review. Veterinary Sciences, 10(1).
  • Broster, J. C., Chambers, A., Weston, L. A., & Walsh, M. J. (2022). Annual Ryegrass (Lolium rigidum), Wild Oats (Avena spp.) and Sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus) are the most commonly occurring weeds in New South Wales cropping fields. Agronomy, 12(12), [2914].
  • Robertson, S., Broster, J., King, B., & Friend, M. (2022). Observations on risk of dystocia and lamb survival from high and low birthweight rams. cxiv. Abstract from Australian Association of Animal Sciences 34th Biennial Conference 2022, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
  • Broster, J., Boutsalis, P., Gill, G. S., & Preston, C. (2022). The extent of herbicide resistance in Lolium rigidum Gaud. (annual ryegrass) across south-eastern Australia as determined from random surveys. Crop and Pasture Science, 73(11), 1308-1317.