Jonathan Medway

Jonathan Medway

Gulbali Senior Research Fellow – Spatial Agriculture

Gulbali Institute


Following 20 years of agricultural consulting Jonathan returned to CSU in 2019 to undertake research utilising spatial and digital technologies to address barriers to their adoption in Australian agriculture. He is currently involved in several Food Agility CRC projects related to soil carbon and green house gas emissions and Soils CRC projects addressing soil constraints.

Jonathan is working closely with Food Agility, AgriPark and researchers from across CSU to design and implement the Global Digital Farm Initiative that will see the transformation of the CSU farm into a working landscape laboratory showcasing the application of artificial intelligence, autonomous capabilities and an extensive range of digital technologies to commercial scale farm operation.

Jonathan is a member of the Integrity Systems Company Technology Reference Group informing ISC/MLA on applications of digital technologies to the Australian red meat industry and a committee member of the Society of Precision Agriculture Australia.

  • Utilising technology to improve agricultural efficiency
  • Landscape capability mapping and applications
  • Digital literacy
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Recent Publications

  • Dulal, R., Zheng, L., Kabir, A., McGrath, S., Medway, J., Swain, D., & Swain, W. (2023). Automatic cattle identification using YOLOv5 and Mosaic Augmentation: A comparative analysis. In The International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA) IEEE.
  • Swain, D., Swain, W., Medway, J., Zheng, L., Kabir, A., McGrath, S., Habib, M., & Dulal, R. (2023). TRAKKA - Making Data Flow: Exploring a producer centric data sharing infrastructure for the red meat industry.
  • Hossain, M. E., Kabir, A., Zheng, L., Swain, D., McGrath, S., & Medway, J. (2022). A systematic review of machine mearning techniques for cattle identification: Datasets, methods and future directions. Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture, 6, 138-155.
  • Gates-Stuart, E., Hagan, A., Redshaw, S., Wulff, E., Tacgin, Z., de Lima, R., Raghav, K., Pennay, B., Grover, P., Medway, J., Bowker, S., Kabir, A., Higgins, B., Young, I., Friend, M., & Yates, E. (2019). eXtended Reality Centre (XRC) Seminar: XR Research projects at CSU. Paper presented at eXtended Reality Centre (XRC) Information Seminar, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.