Ketema Zeleke

Dr Ketema Zeleke

Irrigation and Water Management

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Ketema graduated with BSc in Irrigation Engineering (Arbaminch University, Ethiopia), MSc in Irrigation and Water Management (KU Leuven and UV Brussels, Belgium), and PhD in Soil Hydrology/Geohydrology (University of Orange Free State, South Africa).

Before joining Charles Sturt, Dr Zeleke worked at Haramaya University (Ethiopia) as Associate Professor and at TU Freiberg (Germany) as Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow.

He has published extensively in the areas of agricultural water management, crop water productivity modelling, climate variability and change, hydrology, soil physics, soil and water conservation, regulated deficit irrigation of horticultural crops.

  • Agricultural water management
  • Crop water productivity modelling
  • Soil hydrology
  • Hydrology
  • Climate variability and change
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Recent Publications

  • Zeleke, K., & McCormick, J. (2022). Crop sequencing to improve productivity and profitability in irrigated double cropping using agricultural system simulation modelling. Agronomy, 12(5), [1229].
  • Jackson, T., Newby, J., Phouyyavong, K., Vorlason, S., Simali, P., Sihathep, V., Zeleke, K., Sengxua, P., Harnpichitvitaya, D., & Wade, L. (2022). Performance and adoption of submergence-tolerant TDK1-Sub1 rice in southern Lao PDR. Crop and Environment, 1(2), 108-114. [2].
  • Liu, C., Cui, B., Zeleke, K. T., Hu, C., Wu, H., Cui, E., Huang, P., & Gao, F. (2021). Risk of secondary soil salinization under mixed irrigation using brackish water and reclaimed water. Agronomy, 11(10), 1-13. [2039].
  • Zeleke, K. (2021). Simulating agronomic adaptation strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change on wheat yield in south-eastern Australia. Agronomy, 11(2), 1-17. [337].
  • Shen, X., Wang, G., Zeleke, K. T., Si, Z., Chen, J., & Gao, Y. (2020). Crop water production functions for winter wheat with drip fertigation in the North China plain. Agronomy, 10(6), 1-14. [876].