Shamsul Haque

Dr Shamsul Haque

Soil Scientist

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Shamsul Haque is a lecturer in soil science at Charles Sturt University. He conducted his PhD at Charles Sturt on factors affecting the options for crops capable of following flooded rice in Southern NSW. He examined the soil-related barriers in early crop establishment following rice and mitigation strategies by optimising agronomic practices. He has worked in Bangladesh in soil resource management and taught Agronomy and Crop Science courses at BSMR Agricultural University. He also served as an agricultural extension officer for natural resource management at UNDP Bangladesh. Shamsul currently teaches Soil Science, Soil Management and Summer Cropping Systems subjects at Charles Sturt.

As a senior research scientist, Shamsul has been responsible for the Eurofins field trial program for three years, managing hundreds of field trials in broadacre and horticultural crops. Shamsul has also participated in GRDC - funded long term crop rotational trials to investigate soil health and weed seedbank persistence along with various industry funded research trials and MLA-funded soil-dung beetle relation on the soil functions project. Shamsul was the recipient of a Charles Sturt University ECR research award studying the impact of soil amendment on soil fertility and nutrient cycling.

Currently Shamsul is working on a Soil Extension Smart Farms project “Building resilient soils in the Riverina funded by DAFF and other projects studying irrigated crop production in the Riverina and use of solar panel systems for shaded production of dryland pastures.

Dr Haque has published more than 30 research articles, conference proceedings and grower notes.

  • Soil-plant-water relationship
  • Plant nutrition
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Recent five publications

Haque, S., Gurusinghe, S., & Weston, L. A. (2023). Beneficial soil microbes may alter nutrient dynamics in Chromosols and Vertosols when biochar is used. In 2023 Soil Science Australia Conference Darwin, 25-30 June 2023 (pp. 61)

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Haque, K. M. S., Howitt, J. A., Dyall-Smith, M., Weston, L. A., & Eberbach, P. L. (2023). What levels of soil Mn2+ can pulse and legume crops tolerate when grown in rotation with paddy rice? Journal of Plant Nutrition, 46(7), 1329-1343.

Haque, KMS., Uddin, M., Ampah, JD., Haque, MK., Hossen, MS., Rokonuzzaman, M., Hossain, MY., Hossain, MS., & Rahman, MZ. (2023). Wildfires in Australia: a bibliometric analysis and a glimpse on 'Black Summer' (2019/2020) disaster. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Gurusinghe, S., Haque, K. M. S., Weston, P. A., Brown, W. B., & Weston, L. A. (2022). Impact of rotational sequence selection on weed seedbank composition in Australian broadacre crops. Agronomy, 12(2), [375].