Jen Bond

Dr Jen Bond

Social Scientist

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Jen Bond is a social scientist and joined CSU in September 2016. Her research lies within the field of rural development, focussing on natural resource conflict management (particularly human-wildlife conflict) and agricultural development in Asia Pacific.

Jen completed her PhD in Rural Development from the University of Copenhagen in 2013, with her thesis focussing on conflict and governance (human-wildlife conflict, pastoral conflict, agro-pastoral conflict) within rural, semi-arid, agro-pastoral landscapes in Kenya, through a human security lens.

Prior to this, Jen completed her MSc. Agricultural Development in 2009, also at the University of Copenhagen, with her thesis focussing on the behavioural dimensions of pesticide use by Indigenous vegetable farmers in Jharkhand, India. Other Masters-level fieldwork was undertaken within an Indigenous Iban community in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Directly prior to starting at CSU, Jen undertook an Australian Endeavour Fellowship (Postdoctoral) at Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam (March-August 2016), where she was also based as a volunteer on the Australian Volunteers for International Development program (2013-2014). This postdoctoral research used visual methods to explore farmers' pest management perceptions and practices and pesticide governance, as well as an investigation into the gendered-dimensions of rice production and policy at the nexus of climate change adaptation.

Jen also has professional experience within the Victorian grains industry, firstly as a graduate on the (then) Department of Primary Industries' Graduate Program, based in Horsham, Swan Hill and Hamilton (2004-2010), and later as a Program Manager at Mallee Sustainable Farming in Mildura (2015). While with DPI, Jen completed her G.Dip Rural Systems Management through the University of Queensland (2007), building on her agricultural extension professional practice. Jen also holds a B.Agricultural Science (Hons) from the University of Melbourne (2004), during which she undertook a final year project into the herbicide resistance of soybean cells in Thailand

In 2015-2016 Jen was a Sessional Postgraduate Lecturer at Marcus Oldham College, teaching the 'Thought Leadership through Research' and 'Case Studies in Global Agribusiness' subjects as part of the online MSc. Agribusiness.

  • Rural transformation
  • Natural resource conflict
  • Agricultural development
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Recent publications

  • Bond, J. (2023). Complexities of deer management, recreation and hunting tourism in North-east Victoria, Australia. In A. Barros, R. Shackleton, L. J. Rew, C. Pizarro, & A. Pauchard (Eds.), Tourism, recreation and biological invasions (pp. 150-157). CABI.
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  • Wangchuk, S., Bond, J., Thwaites, R., & Finlayson, M. (2023). Rural Depopulation and Empty Rural Houses in Bhutan: How Different Stakeholders Interpret the Local Term Gungtong. Mountain Research and Development, 43(1), R1.
  • Sen, L. T. H., Bond, J., Ty, P. H., & Phuong, L. T. H. (2023). The impacts of COVID-19 on returned migrants’ livelihood vulnerability in the Central Coastal Region of Vietnam. Sustainability (Switzerland), 15(1), [484].