Richard Culas

Dr Richard Culas

Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Dr Culas's areas of research interests are within agricultural, environmental and development economics and agricultural business management. He has worked in projects funded by sources such as ACIAR, Horticultural Innovation Australia, The Crawford Fund and CSU. His research experiences include cross-country analyses, regional and household level case studies (for countries such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Zambia, Australia, PNG and Norway) and the application of econometric methods.

Recent research activities

  • Agricultural value chain and trade policy analysis (worked on the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, and on other Australian Free Trade Agreements, for their impacts on Australian agriproducts trade)
  • Socioeconomic analysis of groundwater and irrigation management (Pakistan as a case study)
  • Policy analysis of agricultural productivity, food security, and poverty reduction (in relation to Cambodia, Zambia, Malawi and PNG)
  • Modelling agricultural land use and enterprise diversification (in Australian and Norwegian farming systems)
  • Drivers of deforestation and REDD+ policies (relating to the UN-REDD programme)
  • Agricultural economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Development economics
  • Agricultural business management
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Recent Publications

  • Culas, R., Anwar, M., McGrath, N., Southwell, A., Diack, J., King, H., Maraseni, T., Storer, C., & Godfrey, S. (2023). Improving soil health for farm profits through organics. 1-1. Abstract from Soil Science Australia (SSA) Conference 2023, Darwin, Australia.
  • Wang, N., Culas, R., Godfrey, S., & Timsina, K. (2023). Price Impacts on the Wheat Land Use in Wheat-Sheep Zone. 1-1. Abstract from Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Annual Conference 2023, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Culas, R., & Kerr, M-L. (2023). Soil Carbon Projects and Their Potential: Case Study Evidence from Wilson Inlet Catchment, Western Australia. 2. Abstract from Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Annual Conference 2023, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Nahar, A., Mila, F., Culas, R., & Amin, R. (2022). Assessing the factors and constraints for value chain development of dairy food products in Bangladesh. Heliyon, 8(10), [E10787].
  • Timsina, K. P., & Culas, R. J. (2022). Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and potentiality of wheat exports: A panel gravity model approach. Journal of East-West Business, 28(1), 61-88.