Chris Blanchard

Professor Christopher Blanchard

Food Science

Dentistry and Medical Sciences


Research undertaken by Prof. Blanchard has largely focused on projects related to grain quality and practice change. Some of the projects he has led have included the ARC ITTC for Functional Grains, ($2.1m) GRDC Sorghum Quality Project ($1.5m), Agrifutures Rice Digestibility Project ($350K), ACIAR Pulse production in Pakistan ($2.3m) and the Food Agility CRC Rice Quality Prediction Project ($650k). Prof Blanchard received a Vice Chancellor’s award for Research Excellence in 2023.

  • Grain quality
  • Improving grain value
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Recent Publications

  • Wang, R., Li, M., Liu, M., Wang, A., Strappe, P., Blanchard, C., & Zhou, Z. (2023). Characterization of Pickering emulsion by SCFAs-modified debranched starch and a potent for delivering encapsulated bioactive compound. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 231, [123164].
  • Saji, N., Budiono, B., Francis, N., Blanchard, C., & Santhakumar, A. (2023). Rice bran extract for the prevention of mitochondrial dysfunction. In S. M. Ostojic (Ed.), Molecular nutrition and mitochondria: Metabolic deficits, whole-diet interventions, and targeted nutraceuticals (pp. 521-534). Academic Press.
  • Wang, R., Wang, J., Liu, M., Strappe, P., Li, M., Wang, A., Zhuang, M., Liu, J., Blanchard, C., & Zhou, Z. (2022). Association of starch crystalline pattern with acetylation property and its influence on gut microbota fermentation characteristics. Food Hydrocolloids, 128, [107556].
  • Ed Nignpense, B., Latif, S., Francis, N., Blanchard, C., & Santhakumar, A. (2022). Bioaccessibility and antioxidant activity of polyphenols from pigmented barley and wheat. Foods, 11(22), [3697].
  • Hussain, S., Rehman, A. U., Obied, H. K., Luckett, D. J., & Blanchard, C. L. (2022). Extraction, Chemical Characterization, In Vitro Antioxidant, and Antidiabetic Activity of Canola (Brassica napus L.) Meal. Separations, 9(2), [38].