Jennifer Manyweathers

Dr Jennifer Manyweathers

Ruminant Health and Epidemiology


Jennifer started her academic career as a research chemist in Japan, then graduated as a vet from Sydney University, working for several years in rural mixed practice.

She joined the Questacon Science Circus, studying science communication at ANU and then spent three years at Tsukuba University, Japan, lecturing in science communication.

She completed her PhD in risk perception of and communication among horse owners and veterinarians around Hendra virus and the vaccine for horses.

She worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Charles Sturt University looking at the development of a farmer-led partnership system for improved surveillance for Foot and Mouth Disease, and is a senior lecturer in Ruminant Health and Epidemiology

Jennifer is interested in the role that social and psychological factors play in how decisions are made by all stakeholders in the biosecurity, surveillance and animal health arena, and how that impacts veterinary education and training.

  • Biosecurity and surveillance
  • Sociopsychological epidemiology
  • Behaviour change
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Recent Publications

  • Fountain, J., Hernandez-Jover, M., Manyweathers, J., Hayes, L., & Brookes, V. J. (2023). The right strategy for you: Using the preferences of beef farmers to guide biosecurity recommendations for on-farm management of endemic disease. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 210, [105813].
  • Fountain, J., Manyweathers, J., Brookes, V., & Hernandez-Jover, M. (2023). Understanding biosecurity behaviors of Australian beef cattle farmers using the ten basic human values framework. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 10.
  • Brookes, V. J., Wismandanu, O., Sudarnika, E., Roby, J. A., Hayes, L., Ward, M. P., Basri, C., Wibawa, H., Davis, J., Indrawan, D., Manyweathers, J., Nugroho, W. S., Windria, S., & Hernandez-Jover, M. (2022). A scoping review of live wildlife trade in markets worldwide. Science of the Total Environment, 819, 1-12. [153043].
  • Hayes, L., Manyweathers, J., Maru, Y., Davis, E., Woodgate, R., & Hernandez-Jover, M. (2022). Australian veterinarians' perspectives on the contribution of the veterinary workforce to the Australian animal health surveillance system. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 9, 1-13. [840346].
  • Archer, O., Manyweathers, J., & Gunn, A. (2022). Comparing bacterial growth after pasteurisation or the addition of potassium sorbate in stored bovine colostrum. 33-34. Abstract from 2022 Faculty of Science and Health HDR and Honours Symposium, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.