Nidhish Francis

Dr Nidish Francis

Animal Physiology

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences

  • Wagga Wagga


Nidhish holds a veterinary science degree from India and Masters from University of Connecticut, USA. His Master's research focused on identifying the role of a transcription factor, Tbox-2, in bone formation using a cell culture model. After working in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Connecticut for 2 years, he moved to Australia and completed his PhD in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne. His PhD project focused on identifying the role of protease-activated receptor-2 in periodontal disease using transgenic mice. Nidhish joined Charles Sturt University in March 2017 as a Lecturer in Animal Physiology where he teaches animal and veterinary physiology to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in veterinary science, animal science, equine science and veterinary technology.

  • Nutraceutical approaches to improve animal production
  • Identifying the health beneficial properties of cereals and pulses
  • Developing cell culture models on inflammation, diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases
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Recent publications

Porter, M., Barton, D. P., Francis, N., & Shamsi, S. (2023). Description of two new species of Diplectanum Diesing, 1858 (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) collected from Protonibea diacanthus (Lacep├Ęde, 1802) (Teleostei: Sciaenidae) from waters off northern Australia. International Journal For Parasitology: Parasites And Wildlife, 21, 99-109.

Sarbassova, G., Nurlan, N., Raddam Al shammari, B., Francis, N., Alshammari, M., & Aljofan, M. (2023). Investigating potential anti-proliferative activity of different statins against five cancer cell lines. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 31(5), 727-735.

Shamsi, S., Francis, N., Masiga, J., Barton, D. P., Zhu, X., Pearce, L., & McLellan, M. (2023). Occurrence and characterisation of Eustrongylides species in Australian native birds and fish. Food and Waterborne Parasitology, 30, [e00189].

Shamsi, S., Banfield, A., Francis, N., Barton, D. P., & McLellan, M. (2023). Occurrence of digenean parasites in freshwater snails in the Murrumbidgee catchment area, Australia. Food and Waterborne Parasitology, 32, [e00202].

Saji, N., Budiono, B., Francis, N., Blanchard, C., & Santhakumar, A. (2023). Rice bran extract for the prevention of mitochondrial dysfunction. In S. M. Ostojic (Ed.), Molecular nutrition and mitochondria: Metabolic deficits, whole-diet interventions, and targeted nutraceuticals (pp. 521-534). Academic Press.