Sandra Savocchia

Associate Professor Sandra Savocchia

Plant pathology

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Sandra Savocchia has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) and a PhD from The University of Adelaide majoring in fungicide resistance and viticultural plant pathology. After completing her PhD she was employed at The University of Adelaide as a researcher in the area of grapevine root pest (phylloxera and root-knot nematode) resistance and was also involved in teaching agriculture undergraduate students. She also worked for a private viticultural consultant in the Southern Vales region of South Australia.

Sandra began lecturing at Charles Sturt in 2002 in viticulture and wine science, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is passionate about her research and is involved in a number of plant pathology related projects including a national project studying the management of grapevine wood diseases. Sandra is currently Sub-Dean, Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Science and Health and Associate Professor in Vine Pathology.

  • Fungal plant pathology
  • Epidemiology and management of plant pathogens
  • Genetic diversity of plant pathogens
  • Fungicide resistance
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Recent Publications

  • Antony, S., Billones-Baaijens, R., Stodart, B. J., Steel, C. C., Lang, M., & Savocchia, S. (2023). Incidence and distribution of Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with dieback in walnut orchards in Australia. Plant Pathology, 72(3), 610-622.
  • Baaijens, R., Savocchia, S., Sosnowski, M., MR, A., & Scott, E. (2023). Susceptibility of pruning wounds to grapevine trunk disease pathogens Eutypa lata and Diplodia seriata in three climatic conditions in Australia. Fungal Ecology, 64, [101260].
  • Ayres, M. R., Baaijens, R., Savocchia, S., Scott, E. S., & Institute, S. A. R. A. (2022). Critical timing of fungicide application for pruning wound protection to control grapevine trunk diseases. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 28(1), 70-74.
  • Reveglia, P., Baaijens, R., & Savocchia, S. (2022). Phytotoxic metabolites produced by fungi involved in Grapevine Trunk Diseases: Progress, challenges, and opportunities. Plants, 11(23), 1-22. [3382].
  • Baaijens, R., Liu, M., Stodart, B., Sosnowski, M., & Savocchia, S. (2021). Characterisation of the endomicrobiome of grapevine nursery plants in Australia. Abstract from 23rd Australasian Plant Pathology Society Online Conference.