Xinyi Zhang

Dr Xinyi Zheng


Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Xinyi Zhang obtained her Bachelor degree of biotechnology from Shandong Agricultural University in China, one Master degree of plant science from Missouri State University in the US, and another Master degree of viticulture and oenology from Erasmus Mundus Vinifera program in France (Montpellier SupAgro) and Germany (Hochschule Geisenheim).

She joined NWGIC in 2015 for a 6-month internship working on a project studying the influence of berry shrivel on wine quality. Then in 2016, she obtained the CSUPR scholarship to start her PhD on project studying the impacts of viticultural conditions and juice composition on the oxidative and reductive development of wine. After finished, she continued as a postdoctoral researcher at NWGIC working on metal speciation quantification and reductive-oxidative development of wine after bottling, especially the metal-induced spoilage of wine.

  • Metal-induced spoilage of wine
  • Metal speciation quantification
  • Reductive-oxidative development of wine after bottling
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Recent publications

  • Zhang, X., Langford, K., & Clark, A. (2022). Cu-organic acids in red wine after bottling: A time-line for inhibition of reductive aroma compounds. Poster session presented at 18th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference and Trade Exhibition, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
  • Zhang, X., Bowyer, P., Scollary, G., Clark, A., & Kontoudakis, N. (2022). Sulfide-bound copper removal from red and white wine using membrane and depth filters: Impacts of oxygen, H2S-to-Cu ratios, diatomaceous earth and wine volume. Food Chemistry, 377, 1-10. [131758].