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Dr Ana Horta

Dr Ana Horta

Ana is a spatial scientist with a research background in geostatistics for environmental applications. She has been involved in research projects which use geostatistical modelling to quantify and map environmental data. Besides her research in geostatistics, Ana has provided environmental consultancy services to private and public companies concerning contamination assessments and environmental strategic assessments. Ana's current research interests include geospatial data analysis and integration, environmental modelling and uncertainty assessment.

Research Interests

  • Geospatial data analysis for environmental and health applications including data mining & data integration
  • Geostatistical modelling algorithms and uncertainty assessment

Bachelor and Masters Science in Environmental Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico (University of Lisbon) 1999
PhD in Environmental Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico (University of Lisbon) 1999

External Appointments & Memberships

Member of the Pedometrics Advisory Group 2014-2018

Pedometrics Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences

Member of the Medal Committee of the International Spatial Accuracy Research Association

Editorial roles on journals

Geoderma (Editorial Board member)

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Romanelli, J.P., Silva, L.G.M., Horta, A., Picoli, R.A. (2018) Site Selection for Hydropower Development: A GIS-Based Framework to Improve Planning in Brazil. Journal of Environmental Engineering . Fator de Impacto (2016 JCR): 1,5410, v.144: 04018051-1 - 04018051-10.

Ramos, T.B., Horta, A., Gonçalves. M.C., Martins, J.C., Pereira, L.S. (2014) "Development of ternary diagrams for estimating water retention properties using geostatistical approaches", Geoderma, 230-231, pp 229–242

Horta, A., Pereira, M.J., Gonçalves, M., Ramos, T., Soares, A. (2014) "Spatial modelling of soil hydraulic properties integrating different supports", Journal of Hydrology, 511, pp 1-9.

Horta, A., Correia, P., Pinheiro, L., Soares, A. (2013). "Geostatistical Data Integration Model for Contamination Assessment", Mathematical Geosciences, 45(5), pp. 575-590.

Horta, A., Soares, A. (2010). "Data integration model to assess soil organic carbon availability", Geoderma, 160 (2), pp. 225-235, ISSN 0016-7061, DOI: 10.1016/j.geoderma.2010.09.026.

Horta, A., Soares, A. (2010). "Direct Sequential Co-simulation with Joint Probability Distributions. Mathematical Geosciences, 42(3), pp. 269-292.

Book Chapters

Horta, A., Bishop, T. (2013). Spatio-temporal analysis to improve agricultural management. In Margaret A. Oliver, Thomas F.A. Bishop, Ben P. Marchant (Eds.), Precision Agriculture for Sustainability and Environmental Protection, Earthscan Food and Agriculture Series, London, Routledge, pp 119-132.


Silva, L,G., Pearce, L., Mabon, S., Horta, A., Duffy, D., Kopf, S., Ning, N., & Baumgartner, L,J. (2018). Macca’s in the Mannus, Macquarie perch refuge in the Upper Murray. ILWS Report No 114.

Pearce L., Silva, L.G., Mabon, S., Horta, A., Duffy, D., Ning, N., & Baumgartner, L.J. (2018). Finding forgotten fishes, the search for two endangered species in the NSW Murray Catchment. ILWS Report No 112.

Conference Papers

Horta, A., Whitsed, R., Jelinek, H. (2017) Assessing representativeness of a rural Australian clinical database using a spatial modelling approach. Presented at the 2017 NSW Rural Health and Research Congress, Sept 27-29, Wagga Wagga

Assessing and developing a walkability index targeted to older Australians in regional cities. Whitsed, R., Horta, A. (2018-2019) Family & Community Services – Liveable Communities Grants, $30,000.

Quantifying improved fisheries productivity at fish rehabilitation sites in Lao PDR extension. Baumgartner, L., Marsden, T., Ning, N. & Horta, A.  (2018-2019) ACIAR & USAID, $800,000

Optimised field delineation of contaminated soils, Horta, A. (2015-2017) ARC Linkage Project led by University of Sydney, with partners CSU & Environmental Earth Sciences International Pty Ltd. Project details

Towards a space-time observation system for subsoil moisture content. Richard Claude Mankin Fund (2013-2014).

Soil contamination risk assessment (Case study: Barrinha de Esmoriz) Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology under contract PTDC/CTE-SPA/69127/2006 (2006-2010).