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Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Znidersic

Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Znidersic

Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Znidersic is an early career, post-doctoral researcher with ILWS. Her major research interests include survey methodologies and the application of technological tools to monitor individual species and ecosystems, wetland species and their management and island biodiversity and species reintroductions/translocations. Her research has been conducted in the USA and Australia. Liz has worked extensively in Tasmania with the Parks and Wildlife Service, non-government environmental agencies and various nature based tourism operations. Most of her research is applied ecology, improving our understanding and management of natural systems and specific species. She is currently working on the “Eavesdropping on wetland birds” project. Liz also teaches as a sessional lecturer with the School of Environmental Sciences at CSU.

Research Interests

  • Survey and detection methodologies
  • Management of wetlands and wetland bird species
  • The application of eco-acoustics as a monitoring tool for species and ecosystems
  • Island biodiversity and species reintroduction

Master of Natural Resource Management (Charles Sturt University) 2013
PhD (Charles Sturt University) 2019

External Appointments & Memberships

Cocos Buff-banded Rail Advisory team

Winifred Curtis Reserve Trust Member

Full Publication List CRO Research Outputs

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Hand, C.E., Gabel, W., Di Petto, G.R., Bonafilia, R.E. & Znidersic, E. (2021). A Window into the Breeding Ecology and Molt of the Eastern Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis jamaicensis). doi: 10.21203/

Znidersic, E., Towsey, M. W., Hand, C., & Watson, D.M. (2021). Eastern Black Rail detection using semi-automated analysis of long-duration acoustic recordings. Avian Conservation and Ecology, 16(1). doi: 10.5751/ACE-01773-160109

Johnston, M, Stephenson, D., Tresize, J., Thompson, V., Znidersic, E., Fox, B., Naylor, J. and Rodriguez-Malagon, M. (2021). When cat turns bushranger: a case study of policy and planning pest eradication. The Victorian Naturalist 137(6) 228-239.

Znidersic, E., Towsey, M., Roy, W.K., Darling, S.E., Truskinger, A., Roe, P. & Watson, D.M. (2020) Using visualization and machine learning methods to monitor low detectability species- The least bittern as a case study. Ecological Informatics

Hand, C.E., Znidersic, E. & Tegeler, A.K. (2019) First Documentation of Eastern Black Rails (Laterallus jamaicensis jamaicensis) Breeding in South Carolina, USA in More Than a Century, Waterbirds 42: 237-241,

Znidersic, E., Flores, T., Macrae, I., Woinarski, J.C.Z., & Watson, D.M. (2019) Camera trapping and transect counts yield complementary insights into an endangered island endemic rail. Pacific Conservation Biology

Watson, D. M., Znidersic, E. & Craig, M. D. (2018) Ethical birding call playback, and conservation. Conservation Biology.  doi:10.1111/cobi.13199

Towsey, M., Znidersic, E., Broken-Brow, J., Indraswari, K., Watson, D. M., Phillips, Y., Truskinger, A. & Roe, P. (2018) Long-duration, false-colour spectrograms for detecting species in large audio data-sets. Journal of Ecoacoustics2, IUSWUI.

Znidersic, E. (2017) Camera traps are an Effective Tool for Monitoring Lewin's Rail (Lewinia pectoralis brachipusWaterbirds 40(4) 417–422

Current Projects

TLM-Intervention Monitoring, Australasian and little bittern presence and breeding surveys 2021-22. Watson, D., Znidersic, E, Wassens, S. (2021-2022) NSW Department of Industry, Planning and Environment, $28,274

Eavesdropping on wetland birds (Optimizing technology to reveal wetland bird distribution across south-eastern Australia. Watson, D. & Znidersic, E., (2020-2021) Philanthropic donation $400,000

Completed projects

What's in the wetland- Investigating distribution and ecology of secretive wetland birds. (2016) Watson, D. & Znidersic, E. NRM North, $3250

Investigating habitat preference and use by the Lewin's rail (Lewinia pectoralis brachipus). Watson, D & Znidersic, E. (2012). Australian Geographic Society Seed grant.