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Dr Jodi Price

Dr Jodi Price

Jodi Price is a plant community ecologist, who is broadly interested in community assembly processes, and species coexistence. She is interested in small-scale patterns and processes, and their generalities (and contingencies) at broad spatial scales. Her research has been conducted in herbaceous dominated communities, favouring temperate woodlands and grasslands, in Australia and abroad (Estonia, Spain, Canada). Jodi received her PhD in 2007 from La Trobe University, which focused on mechanisms governing species richness patterns in herb-rich woodlands. She then worked at the University of New England, exploring invasion, flooding, and grazing interactions in floodplain wetlands in north-western NSW. She also worked abroad for 3 years, undertaking a post doctoral position at the University of Tartu in Estonia, where she explored global scale patterns in grassland community assembly. Jodi's research questions address both fundamental ecology, as well as topics that are more directly applied, such as restoration, disturbance and invasion ecology.

Research Interests

  • Disturbance and management of vegetation communities

Bachelor of Science in Australian Environmental Studies, Griffith University,  1999
Honours, La Trobe University, 2001
PhD, La Trobe University, 2007

External Appointments & Memberships

Ecological Society of Australia (Board member)

Editorial roles on Journals

Plant Ecology (Associate Editor)

Journal of Vegetation Science (Associate Editor)

Peer Reviewed Papers

Frew, A., Price, J.N. (2019) Mycorrhizal-mediated plant-herbivore interactions in a high CO₂ world, Functional Ecology, doi: 10.1111/1365-2435.13347​

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Price, J.N. and Pärtel, M. (2013) Can limiting similarity increase invasion resistance? A meta-analysis of experimental studies. Oikos 122, 649-656.

Conference Papers

Price, J. (2017) Species richness of temperate grasslands around the world is primarily driven by species pool size, Eco TAS 2017 The Ecological Society of Australia and the New Zealand Ecological Society joint conference, Nov 26 to Dec 1

Price, J. (2015) Functional trait responses to small-scale environmental variability in temperate grasslands on five continents, at Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference, Nov 29 to Dec 3, Adelaide, South Australia

Current Projects

How do sandalwoods (Santalum spp.) affect desert communities: integrating above-ground patterns with below-ground processes. Watson, D., Price, J., Frew, A. (2018-2021) Hermon Slade Foundation, $89,522

Can excluding feral livestock from waterholes recreate refuges for savannah birds? Massaro, M., Nimmo, D., Price, J., Mihailou, H. (PhD student) & Vincent, J. (2017-2020) Hermon Slade Foundation, $72,224. Project details

Completed Projects

Germination testing of Stackhousia monogyna, Dianella revoluta and Dianella longifolia, Price, J. & Vening, G. (Honours), (2016), Director of National Parks, $10,811