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Professor Mark Morrison

Professor Mark Morrison

Professor Mark Morrison researchers in the area of environmental economics and environmental marketing. In environmental economics he has published widely on non-market valuation and has worked on several high profile decisions including assisting the Murray-Darling Basin Authority with benefit estimation for the Basin Plan, and two Copyright Tribunal hearings on the value of music. Mark is interested in the use of incentive programs and has conducted several projects with a number of catchment management authorities and regional bodies investigating how to encourage landholder participation, particularly among difficult to reach landholder segments. His work in environmental marketing includes research on climate change communication and household demand management of electricity. He has also conducted research in the area of marketing education.

Research Interests

  • Non-market valuation
  • Technology adoption
  • Market-based instruments
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Climate change communications
  • Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University of Melbourne, 1982

Doctor of Philosophy, Charles Sturt University, 1998

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Callaghajn, C.T., Slater, M., Major, R.E., Morrison, M., Martin, J.M., Kingsford, R. (2017) Travelling birds generate eco-travellers: The economic potential of vagrant birdwatching, Human Dimensions of Wildlife.

Bernoth, M., Burmeister, O.K., Morrison, M., Islam, M.Z., Onslow, F.,  & Cleary, M. (2016) The impact of a participatory care model on work satisfaction of care workers and the functionality, connectedness and mental health of community-dwelling older people, Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 37: 429-435, DOI: 10.3109/01612840.2016.1149260

Morrison, M., Duncan, R., & Parton, K. (2015) Religion Does Matter for Climate Change Attitudes and Behavior, Plos One,  10(8): e0134868. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0134868

Sherley, C., Morrison, M., Duncan, R. and Parton, K.A. (2014) Using segmentation and prototyping in engaging politically-salient climate change household segments, Journal of Non-Profit and Public SectorManagement 26 (3), 258-280.

Morrison, M., Kleinschafer, J. & Hicks, J. (2013) Improving Consumers' Responsiveness To Electricity Demand Management Initiatives In Regional New South Wales: The Potential Use Of Behavioural-based Constructs For Identifying Market Segments. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies. 19(2).

Morrison, M. & Dowell, D.J. (2013) Sense of Place and Willingness to Pay: Complementary Concepts When Evaluating Contributions of Cultural Resources to Regional Communities, Regional Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2013.827335

Hatton MacDonald, D., Morrison, M., Boyle, K.J. and Rose, J. (2011) Valuing a Multi-state River: The Case of the River Murray. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 55(3): 374-392.

Morrison, M., Oczkowski, E. and Greig, J. (2011) The Primacy of Human Capital and Social Capital in Influencing Landholders' Participation in Programs Designed to Improve Environmental Outcomes. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 55(4): 560-578.

Morrison, M., Durante, G., Greig, J., Ward, J. and Oczkowski, E. (2011) Segmenting Landholders for Improving the Targeting of Natural Resource Management Expenditures. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 51(1), 17-37.

Morrison, M. and Hatfield-Dodds, S. (2011) The Success and Failure of An Inconvenient Truth and the Stern Report in Influencing Australian Public Support for Greenhouse Policy. The Economic Record. 87: 269-281.

Morrison, M. and Hatton MacDonald, D. (2011) A Comparison of Compensating Surplus and Budget Reallocation with Opportunity Costs Specified. Applied Economics. 43: 4677-4688.


Morrison, M., Hicks, J., Murphy, T. (2018) Economic Development Study - Murray Region. Report commissioned by Federation Council, working with four other Local Governments Areas (LGA) in the Murray Region – Berrigan, Edward River, Greater Hume and Murray.

Morrison, M., Hicks, J., Murphy, T. (2018) Murray Region Economic Development Study Operational Plan.

Conference presentations

Murphy, T., Morrison, M., &  Ranshaw, D. (2015) The Roles and Linkages in Employment Growth Across Australia's Regions, presented at SEGRA conference , Bathurst, Oct 19-22 Oct.Kleinschafer, J., & Morrison, M. (2016) The Responsiveness of Households to Energy Demand Management Initiatives: Segmenting by Household Types. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 28(4), 287-308. doi: 10.1080/10495142.2016.1237921

Current Projects

Activating markets to create incentives for improved soil management: Literature scoping study. Morrison, M.  (2017-2018) High Performance Soils CRC, $49,254

Community driven economic change in small rural community local economic zones. Morrison, M. (2017-2018) Federation Council, $50,000 Economic Development Study Final Report 2mb Murray Region Operational Plan 300kb

Completed Projects

The Value of River Health to the Residential Community of the Georges and Cook River Catchments. Duncan, R. & Morrison, M. (2013-16) Sydney CMA, Canterbury and Fairfield Councils, and CSIRO $138,0000 Project details

Age Care Workforce Reform- Building communities of practice around the prevention of functional decline. Morrison, M. (2013-14) Carewest, $25,000

Communicating the economic impacts of climate change. Morrison, M, Parton, K., Duncan, R. and Sherley, C. (2012-2013)

Determining the factors influencing the success of private and community-owned Indigenous businesses across remote, regional and urban Australia. Morrison, M.D., Foley, D.L., Collins, J.H., Krivokapic- Skoko, B., Basu, P.K., Brudenall, D.K., Nogrady, M.B., Redman A.M. (2011 to 2013) ARC Linkage grant with partners Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia, Indigenous Business Australia. ($454,682) Project details

Indigenous women and entrepreneurship in NSW Pearce, S.,  Collins, J.,  Morrison, M.,  Foley, D. (2012-2014) Australian Research Council (ARC) Indigenous Discovery Grant. $104,000.

Benchmarking values and attitudes to conservation in the Great Eastern Ranges. Morrison, M., McCulloch, R., Greig, J. & Lockwood, M.& Waller, D. (2009-2011). DECC and Hawkesbury Nepean CMA