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Dr Richard Culas

Dr Richard Culas

Dr Culas's areas of research interests are within agricultural, environmental and development economics and agricultural business management. He has worked in projects funded by sources such as ACIAR, Horticultural Innovation Australia, The Crawford Fund and CSU. His research experiences include cross-country analyses, regional and household level case studies (for countries such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Zambia, Australia, PNG and Norway) and the application of econometric methods.

Research Interests

  • Agricultural, environmental economics
  • Agricultural business management

Recent research activities

  • Agricultural value chain and trade policy analysis (worked on the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, and on other Australian Free Trade Agreements, for their impacts on Australian agriproducts trade)
  • Socioeconomic analysis of groundwater and irrigation management (Pakistan as a case study)
  • Policy analysis of agricultural productivity, food security, and poverty reduction (in relation to Cambodia, Zambia, Malawi and PNG)
  • Modelling agricultural land use and enterprise diversification (in Australian and Norwegian farming systems)
  • Drivers of deforestation and REDD+ policies (relating to the UN-REDD programme)

Countries of research focus

Pakistan, Cambodia, Zambia, Australia, and PNG

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), University of Peradeniya 
Master of Science, Agricultural Economics, Norwegian Univeristy of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Master of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
Doctor of Economics, Sydney

External Appointments & Memberships

Qatar National Research Fund (expert reviewer)

Editorial roles on journals

BUITEMS Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (Editorial Board Member)

Full Publications List CRO Research Output

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Timsina, K.P. & Culas, R.J. (2020) Impacts of Australia’s free trade agreements on trade in agricultural products: an aggregative and disaggregative analysis. Australian Journal Agricultural and  Resource Economics 59: 1-31 doi:10.1111/1467-8489.12377

Culas, R.J. & Baig, I. (2020) Impacts of irrigation water user allocations on water quality and crop productivity: the LCC irrigation system in Pakistan, Irrigation and Drainage,

Onodu, B., Culas, R. & Nwose, E.U. (2020) Health values of cassava compared to wheat and yam in relation to diabetes and dyslipidaemia management, International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, 7

Timsina, P. K. & Culas, R.J. (2019) Do Free Trade Agreements Increase Australian Trade: An Application of Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimator? Journal of East-West Business,

Culas, R.J. & Timsina, P.K. (2019). Impacts of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement on Australian Agriproducts Trade, Australasian Agribusiness Review, 27: 128-148.

Imran, M.A., Ali, A., Ashfaq, M., Hassan, S., Culas, R. & Ma. C. (2019) Impact of climate smart agriculture (CSA) through sustainable irrigation management on Resource use efficiency: A sustainable production alternative for cotton, Land Use Policy 88: 104113.

Culas, R. & Timsina, K.P. (2019)  Land use and profitability in wheat production: The Australian wheat-sheep zone,  International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics 7: 107-126.

Hunga, H.G.& Culas, R.J. (2019) Impact of agricultural policies on crop productivity and food security in Malawi, 1964-2014, International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics 7: 175-199.

Imran, M. A., Ali, A., Ashfaq, M., Hassan, S., Culas, R. & Ma, C. (2018)  Impact of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) through Sustainable Irrigation Management on Cotton Production and Livelihood of Farmers in Punjab, Pakistan, Sustainability, 10: 2101;

Onodu, B. C., Culas, R. J. & Nwose, E. U. (2018) Facts about Dietary Fibre in Cassava: Implication for Diabetes’ Medical Nutrition Therapy, Integrative Food, Nutrition and Metabolism, 5: 1-5.

Nwose, E. U., Onodu, B. C., Anyasodor, A. E., Sedowo, M., & Culas, R. (2017) Ethnopharmacological Values of Cassava and its Potential for Diabetes and Dyslipidaemia Management: Knowledge Survey and Critical Review of Report, Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology.

Culas, R. J & Tek, K. (2016): Food Security in Cambodia: Trends and Policy Objectives, International Journal of Development Issues, 15(3): 306-327

Book Chapters

Kalimba, U.B. & Culas, R.J. (2020) Climate Change and Farmers’ Adaptation: Extension and Capacity Building of Smallholder Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, p. 379-410. In Venkatramanan et al. (edited): Global Climate Change and Environmental Policy, Agricultural Perspectives. Published by Springer Nature.

Onodu, B. C. & Culas, R. J., (2018) Revitalizing the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria: Implications for Root and Tuber Crops Value Chains and Contribution to Health Care - Chapter 1, In: Waechter, S (edited) Agricultural Production: Management, Opportunities and Challenges, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, USA. p. 1-20

Manzoor, R., Maken, A., Culas, R. (2018) Sustaining Agricultural Production in Pakistan: Obstacles and Prospects - Chapter 4, In: Waechter, S (edited) Agricultural Production: Management, Opportunities and Challenges, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, USA. p. 115-144

Onodu, B. C and R. J. Culas (2017) The Role of Cassava Production in Improving Food Security in Delta State of Nigeria - Chapter 1, In: Jonathan, W (edited) Food Security: Threat Factors, Policies and Challenges, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, USA. p.p. 1-33. 978-1-53612-256-5.

Technical Report

Punthakey, J. F., Culas, R., Baig, I., Khan, M. R., Riaz, M., Javed, M & G. Zakir (2017) SRA for Handover and Training of Surface-groundwater and Econometric Models to End Users in Pakistan. Report to ACIAR (LWR/2015/011). p. 88

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Current Projects

Improving groundwater management to enhance agriculture and farming livelihoods in Pakistan. (2016-2020) Hall, A., Punthakey, J., Allan, C., Mitchell, M., Culas, R.  ACIAR & CSU ($100,000), Total value of the project $2,15M  Project details

Improving salinity and agricultural water management in the Indus Basin of Pakistan. Finlayson, M., Allan, C., Culas, R., Mitchell, M., Punthakey, J. (2017) ACIAR, $50,000

Completed Projects

Optimising canal and groundwater management to assist water user associations in maximising crop production and managing salinisation in Australia and Pakistan. Blackwell, J., Punthakey, J., Culas, R., & Hafeez, M. (2008- 2015) with partners in Pakistan Punjab Irrigation Department & UAAR-PMAS Arid Agricultural University.  ACIAR, $1,219,708 Project details