Records Management Skills Hub

Welcome to the Charles Sturt University Records Management Skills Hub (RM Skills Hub). As a public office, the University and all of its employees have responsibilities under the NSW State Records Act.

The RM Skills Hub summarises those responsibilities and provides resources to help you meet them.

Staff are encouraged to access the RM Skills Hub through Confluence (Charles Sturt login required).

Your records management responsibilities

Creating records should be embedded in your daily  routine. Use these resources to improve your understanding of why recordkeeping is a core business practice and to identify which records you need to be keeping.

It's important to keep records in systems that are managed by the University to ensure compliance and best practice. Read through Where do I keep my records? to learn about appropriate storage for University records.

Unirecords (aka TRIM or Content Manager) is the University's records management system of choice. For help using Unirecords, including download and installation instructions, click through to RM User Guides - Unirecords.

University records are important assets that support key processes and functions and must be treated as such. Learn about the authorities that govern the retention of University records here:

Records must be kept safely and securely until the end of their life and can only be destroyed with the written authority of the Manager, Policy and Records. You must also ensure that records must not be kept for longer than necessary. The Archive or destroy? page will help you determine which process is appropriate to your records, as well as when and how to apply it.

University records may contain private, confidential or sensitive information. Make sure you're familiar with the legislative and governance framework supporting the security of University information and use it to apply appropriate security measures in the systems you use.

In particular, make sure you understand your obligations under the Information Security Guidelines and the Privacy Management Plan.

The Records Management Policy suite works together with other University policies (including the Privacy Management Plan and the Information Technology policy suite) to govern records management at the University. It contains useful information on how records management is conducted at the University and establishes responsibilities and processes for the creation and access of University records.